Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope: Aquarians are basically shy but some are too lively. As an Aquarian you have strong will and you prefer to be honest. Similar to the Capricorns, you are a good planner and prefer things to remain in an orderly fashion. Besides, you have little control over your nerves and you turn violent and exhibit your anger by crying loudly. However, as a good listener and without putting into your opinions you are able to know what the other person is all about. Being an Aquarian you have serious looks but sometimes you often crack a joke and end up being humorous. Putting up a serious look, you give prominence to logic and your intelligence helps you deal with the worldly affairs effectively. There are moments in your life when you feel that the world is not made for you and at that time you want to be totally alone undisturbed. Though you are not a loner but occasionally you want to remain alone and that is why people sometimes tag you as a loner.
You are very fond of meditation and holy prayers and steal time from your busy schedule to devote some time to it. One of things that Aquarians are gifted with is that they are great dramatists. You build your own road rather than following others. However, ego is a problem for you which also drive away friends from you.

Aquarius Characteristics

Being an Aquarian you give ultimate freedom to your partner. You try to take care of problems well and thus keep your relationships healthy ensuring good compatibility with other zodiac signs. Your energy and passion attracts people towards you.

Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Aries

The compatibility between these two horoscopes is quite strong. Aries trait holds the person for taking initiatives that can be well supported by a person with Aquarius traits. A person with Aquarius horoscope will never hinder the way of his partner for starting something new. A man with Aries traits with his positive outlook will attract a woman with Aquarius traits and build a strong bonding all together. It is expected to be a good couple as Aries and Aquarius compatibility will be shared between the two horoscopes.

Aquarius and Taurus

The Taurus and Aquarius horoscopes have the similar quality of self determination and the eagerness to complete the given task. This brings people with these two horoscopes close to each other due to the similarities in their traits. A female with Aquarius traits is very weak in handling difficult matters, the rational thinking of Taurus male helps her to make wise decisions. A female with Aquarius traits is very progressive and this attracts a Taurus make and thus Taurus and Aquarius compatibility increases. Also, similarities in Taurus and Aquarius traits are the main factor of their compatibility.

Aquarius and Gemini

The Gemini and Aquarius compatibility is too promising one. They both show huge similarities in their traits. A person with Gemini horoscope will be up to the mark when it comes to impress a person with Aquarius horoscope as an Aquarius is always in search of interesting personalities. These two will never restrict each other as both of them believe in freedom and individualities. Aquarius traits enables a person who can impress his partner by complimenting her each decisions and good assets. And is what a person with Gemini horoscope wants from his partner. They show good signs of compatibility and love for each other.

Aquarius and Cancer

Cancer traits makes a man very emotional, he looks for depth in relationships and thus after he gets in relationship it is the one which he has looked into very closely. Both Cancer and Aquarius horoscopes have friendly, jovial and frank traits. They mix up with people very easily ensuring a healthy Cancer and Aquarius compatibility and both of them are good in making friends. They both are good learners and they learn the qualities they lack in their traits from each other, like a woman with Aquarius horoscope learns to be compassionate from a man with Cancer horoscope, whereas a man with Cancer horoscope learns to utilize his intelligence for solving issues. A person with Cancer horoscope and another with Aquarius horoscope share good compatibility.

Aquarius and Leo

An Aquarius and Leo have very different traits. These two horoscopes do have good compatibility in terms of long relationships. The person who is Aquarius is never comfortable with commitments and the one with the Leo horoscope is always ready to tie the marriage knot. Both of them have such opposite traits that they can never be good friends also. If they ever marry then the whole life they will keep on competing with each other. Thus, Leo and Aquarius compatibility is not a healthy one.

Aquarius and Virgo

A person with Virgo horoscope is always too shy to acquaint with new people whereas the one with Aquarius horoscope is ready to get into new friend groups always. This creates a conflict between these two, as their traits are completely different. The Aquarius traits will match up with the Virgo only in a way that both of them are chatter boxes as this is only one similar trait of the all uneven traits. Thus, the Virgo and Aquarius compatibility will never be successful as lovers but will go well as friends only.

Aquarius and Libra

These two horoscopes are compatible as good friends and as lovers too. An Aquarius will usually be the one who leads in the relationship as he has such traits which enables him to lead. The main base of Libra and Aquarius compatibility is that a person with Libra horoscope is submissive in front of the decisions of the person with Aquarius horoscope and both have remarkable ability to speak up their mind which enables them to be good in communication. Aquarius traits will be a matter of mental satisfaction for the person with Libra horoscope. The main issue in their compatibility is lack of initialization in commitment from Aquarius towards Libra.

Aquarius and Scorpio

Intense physical attraction and good communication besides similar hobbies and interests make these two horoscopes compatible with each other. An Aquarius never relationships seriously while Scorpio person cares a lot about relationships. A person with Scorpio traits reflects possessiveness and this will be disliked by the person with Aquarius traits over time and jealousy will occur when the person with Aquarius horoscope starts spending more time with other people. Neither of these two horoscopes will compromise on what they each value the most. Thus, it is sad to say that, a Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility may not be successful in long term relationships.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

Friendship is the best relation which is quite flourishing in a Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility. Both of these horoscopes practice independency as this reflects from their traits and this may force them to stay away from each other, but when they meet each other they leave no stone unturned to display their love and care for each other. The Aquarius traits makes a person to be very comfortable with the person with Sagittarius traits as both of them love to share their piece of minds and also both of these horoscopes love to get social. They both can show good compatibility as lovers if they do not neglect each other's necessities and avoid selfishness.

Aquarius and Capricorn

Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility is next to impossible for a long term. A person with Aquarius horoscope can get into friendship with anyone irrespective of the standard of that fellow and also is quite uncertain and puzzled when taking a move in any part of life so he refuses commitments in any relationship as per the Aquarius traits. On the other hand, a person with Capricorn horoscope tends to be very choosy and wants to stay confined to his family as per Capricorn traits, which is not easily acceptable for a person with Aquarius horoscope. Thus their compatibility is not very fruitful.

Aquarius and Aquarius

If two people with Aquarius horoscope see each other for a long term relationship, it will certainly show better compatibility between the two as both of these people with Aquarius horoscopes have the similar Aquarius traits. Both of these horoscopes will surely gel up together nicely as both of them love to enjoy with friends and party around. The bad part which is reflected by their traits is that both of them may escape commitments which may prolong the decision making phase for the marriage. But, once they are married they will never turn up to any one else. Their life shall be full of happy surprises and new events. Thus, Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility is very rejoicing.

Aquarius and Pisces

Pisces and Aquarius compatibility never flourishes for a long term relationship as the traits of these two horoscopes differ from each other a lot. A person who belongs to Aquarius horoscope never commits a relationship and the Pisces horoscope has every possible trait to stay loyal to their partners. The Aquarius traits restrict him from getting diverted by emotional talks which is regularly practiced by a person with Pisces traits. The person with Pisces horoscope is always in wonderlands and the one with Aquarius horoscope is a mad scientist. Thus very low level of compatibility is observed.

Aquarius Star Stone: Turquoise is your star stone. This stone has strong anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects on the person who wears it besides giving strength, protection and sensitivity to you. This star stone also makes you much inclined towards the spiritual world. It also helps fight stomach problems, viral infections besides many other ailments.

Aquarius Color: Aquarius color is Turquoise that makes you friendly and pumps in humanity in you besides making you honest and loving. The color also infuses in you ingenuity and makes you inventive.

Aquarius Ruling Planet: Your ruling planet is Uranus which is a blue green cold planet. This planet has a collective effect and it makes you do something that has an effect on the successive generations. This planet also boosts your personal consciousness.
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