Aries Horoscope

Aries Horoscope: The name Aries bears its origin from ‘Ram’, an adult male sheep. With this origin, Arians depict freedom, and to achieve the same they can accept any possible challenge. But along with this strong characteristic, Arians have a dark spot in the fact that they lose all patience when the planned ideas and methodology don’t lay desired result.

Arians also portray a unique quality of not following others but to create their own way. If others point of view does not convince Aries, they will strongly deny the fact. The Arians are full of energy which at a negative point makes them aggressive sometimes.

The synonym of Aries is leaders as they posses all necessary energy to be one of them. Along with being a leader, Arians express enumerable care and concern to others which make them empathetic. Now taking an Arian as a follower can take you in a big problem as Arians are born leaders and as followers they can show egocentrism which is something not acceptable as a follower.

Aries have the strong feeling of being right at any point of time which makes them dominant by nature. If you are looking forward to make an Arian your friend, the idea is not at all bad as they can become one of the best buddies with you. The open and honest nature makes them apt for friendship. If you want a long lasting friendship with Aries, than avoid conflicting your ideologies. Rest, Aries can give you one of the best experiences in friendship.

Aries Characteristics

High spirits, candid and frank are the words to describe an Aries. Arian tends to maintain the same attitudes when in a relationship as well. To become a real successful person in life, and Arian needs to establish a control over his/her aggressive nature. Aries are diplomatic and practical in building relations with others which helps them build confidence in the other persons. Once the relationship is built with a person, Aries maintains it well with his basic characteristics of affection and passion. Aries become excessively possessive for others which need to be controlled for smooth relationship.

Aries Traits

Among the basic traits of an Aries, first comes a great passion towards an adventurous life which is full of energy. An Arian is known for pioneering and courageous nature which is apt to become a leader. He maintains good relation with others through enthusiasm and confidence. Dynamic and quick-witted trait makes them simply perfect match for an energetic leader.

Coming to the dark side, Aries are selfish and quick-tempered by nature. This hinders a smooth relation with others. Aries are impatient and impulsive as well.

Aries Compatibility

Aries and Aries

Aries share good compatibility with its sign mates. The relationship can be successful if one of the two agrees to follow the other. One will play the leading role while other will have to trace. Now because both of them are dominant by nature, so a much peaceful relationship should not be accepted from the couple.

An Aries woman is as energetic as the Aries man and from the relation she expects hearing endearments. It is up to the man if he can do the same, and if done so the relationship will go in the right direction. The compatibility between two will be determined by the high level of energy in them.

Aries and Taurus

The most attractive nature of Taurus for Aries is being mature whereas outgoing nature of Aries will attract Taurus. Taurus is known for his calm and dignified nature which is much admired by the Aries women. With the ability to take mature decisions, a Taurus can help the Aries in taking the right decision. Thus compatibility between a Taurus and Aries is smooth and successful.

Aries and Gemini

Restlessness is a common trait between an Aries and Gemini. Both of them look forward for something new and thus experimentation is a habit both share. A perfect relationship can be built between a Gemini man and an Aries woman as her dominating nature can easily be handled by Gemini. The pair will share a good amount of compatibility.

Second thing which will keep the couple attached and compatible is the open communication between the two. This will help in building a good relationship between them. A healthy communication will also keep them entertained and enthusiastic in relation.

Aries and Cancer

At times Aries shows an extrovert nature, Cancer is an absolute opposite. Thus a pair of an Aries and a Cancer is not successful as they will find great difficulties in it. Aries is not of a nature who can handle the unusual mood swings of a Cancer woman. Moreover, a rough and harsh life style of Aries man will be difficult to handle for a Cancer woman. Cancer woman is a soft natured personality and thus a harsh match will not give a long term smooth relationship between Cancer and Aries.

Aries and Leo

Leo and Aries share a common nature of aggressiveness which will be admired by Leo man which will lead to a smooth relationship. In order to maintain the smooth and successful life, one of the two will have to bend at times in front of each other as both of them are of aggressive nature which makes them volatile sometimes. One out of the two, if one play a leading role, normal friction then can be removed from their relationship. An Aries man will be attracted towards the Leo woman for her warm character, vibrant nature, open & extrovert personality.

Aries and Virgo

Coming to the basic personality of a Virgo, it is full of stability and wise approach, whereas an Aries is known for his fierce thoughts and aggressive approach. An Aries man will get attracted towards Virgo woman for her shy and caring nature. On the other hand, Aries man with aggressive and possessive nature will attract a Virgo woman as well. She will find a sense of security and safety with him.

Aries and Libra

An Aries woman gets attracted towards a Libran for his emotions and passion that exists in the relationship. Same thing will be seen for Libra man as he will fall for fiery and aggressive nature of the Aries woman. Both the sun sign holds a common trait i.e. social life. This will help them both in developing a strong relationship.

Aries and Scorpio

The qualities of an Aries shows great demand of freedom on the other hand, Scorpio are intense, determined, emotional and possessive. Both will make a good pair as they will maintain a sense of freshness in the relationship. Astrology predictions say that the couple will be able to lead a smooth life with their positive attitude and love for life.

Aries and Sagittarius

A real good compatibility can be seen between an Aries man and a Sagittarius woman. Both of them share common nature like positive outlook, enthusiasm and optimistic approach. Along with a free spirited character, both also share good communication skills which help in building smooth relation. The bonding will remain strong with their adventure loving nature. Both will work for keeping this relationship fresh and vibrant. Moreover, the dominating nature of an Aries man will be handled well by a Sagittarius woman.

Aries and Capricorn

This combination is of fire and earth signs. What they share in common is determination to succeed. The difference lies in the approach as Aries woman starts the journey without proper planning while a Capricorn man takes every step after thinking wisely on it and analyzing situation properly. Among other differences as the Aries woman is more expressive by nature while a Capricorn is not very good with expressing his feelings. With this, we can say that the bonding will not be very strong among the two.

Aries and Aquarius

Aries is known for taking initiatives that can be well supported by an Aquarius. Aquarius is a person who will never hinder the way of his partner for starting something new. Aries man with his positive outlook will attract the Aquarius woman and build a strong bonding all together. They will form a good couple as a strong bond will be shared between the two.

Aries and Pisces

A Pisces is sure to attract an Aries with great emotional support she has for her partner. She will attract the Aries man with her soft and caring nature. There might be some friction as Aries have aggressive nature which can sometime hurt the feelings of a Pisces.

Aries Star Stone: Diamond

Aries Color: Red

Aries Ruling Planet: Mars

Aries Lucky Day: Tuesday

Good career choices for you are:
  • Athlete
  • Engineer
  • Doctor
  • Explorer
  • Soldier
  • Sailor
  • Airman
  • Any type of leader
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