Story of a bureaucrat turned Astrologer - World renowned Astrologer Dr. Dharam Singh Jain(Hony. D.Litt.).

I served the state government of Rajasthan (India) in various important positions and retired as Deputy Secretary way back in 1966. I came in contact with a certain Astrologer who used to publish Astrological magazine. This is how I started taking interest in Astrology and it became an obsession for me. I used to read and research till midnight. Once I came across a magazine which consisted birth charts of British Monarchy and also of Rulers of Jaipur state of India. My curiosity aroused as to way King's son or daughter succeeds the throne after him, where as the son of a Prime Minister, top bureaucrat and President of a country does not succeed him in the same position. The curiosity was intense that I started researching this aspect till early hours, as nowhere such type of planetary combinations were available in any astrological books as articles. It took almost 3-4 months deep research when I discovered planetary combinations responsible for succeeding Throne or for denying the Throne. The combination was available in King Edward seventh, King George Vth of England. Their sons succeeded the throne of England. King Edward the eighth had, no such combination. He had to abdicate the throne because of his lady love. George VIth succeed the throne and due to that combination his daughter Elizabeth II succeeded the throne. All the Rulers of Jaipur State of India were not having that combination and all of throne were adopted to succeed the Jaipur Throne.

My first forecast was in 1978 that King Helsilasi of Eothopia with having no such combination, his son would not succeed the throne. After some time there was coupe by the Army and the King was banished to stay in mud house instead of palace. The monarchy was abolished his son as such did not succeed the throne.

After retirement my whole time was dedicated to this noble science of Astrology researching all aspects of a person's life. I practised Astrology for nine years in Delhi, capital of India. I came in contact with Governors, Muslims, Ambassadors and other V.I.P.S. most famous Tantrik Shri Chandra Swami used to consult me regularly.

My every breath is dedicated to astrology so much, so that when world sleeps I research this science in various practical aspects and some where I propounded my own interpretations are raised a practical experience. I am 82 now and still whole time devoted to this science.

I got so many awards Honorary titles on all India basis. My most wonderful moment came when I was honored with highest degree of D. Litt at International level for Astrology in 1997. I am the only Indian Astrologer to get this most prestigious honor. So many rare predictions have been given by me which no one else had given and which came true.

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