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Birthstones are those gemstones which are associated with the person’s time of birth. According to Vedic Astrology, Birthstones are highly used for remedial purpose in Astrology and are also highly effective in healing the products of nature. A person by wearing the Birthstone Gem according to his/her horoscope or as per the situation, he/she can improve the various things in life. It can prove to be beneficial in various ways for him.

Birthstone Astrology is a powerful medium in Vedic Astrology where by the use of birthstones, a person financial, professional, spiritual and person life can be improved.

Birthstones can be effectively used if a person is failing to get good results irrespective of his hard work. It also gives the solution if a person is booking losses and he fails to understand the reason behind it. Birthstones Gems are also helpful if a person who is eligible for marriage is not getting a suitable partner and the marriage is getting delayed. Problems like these and many others can be solved by wearing the right Birthstone in the right manner by you.

Wearing birthstones nowadays is also becoming a kind of fashion statement these days. They are also considered as precious gifts that brings good luck to people.  Every Planet has a birthstone associated with it. The 9 Gemstones that are associated with the 9 planets are:
  • Ruby (moonga)
  • Pearl (moti)
  • Blue Sapphire (neelam)
  • Cats eye (Lahsuniya)
  • Yellow Sapphire (pukhraj)
  • Red Coral (manak)
  • Diamond (heera)
  • Hessonite (Gomed)
  • Emerald (Panna)

Your birthstone depends on your planetary positions. We tell you about your birthstone on basis of 3 different categories:
  • On the basis of Ascendant sign.
  • On the basis of Moon sign
  • On the basis of most benefic planet (Karak Planet)
The various advantages of wearing birthstone are health & wealth, good relations with people around and an increase in social esteem.

According to Birthstone astrology, birthstones help us to strengthen the positive aspects of your chart and at the same time reduces the bad evils caused by the planetary positions.  But we have to be very careful while choosing the right birthstone. As there are possibilities that if a particular stone is good for your career, it proves very fatal for your health. You should take the advice from our astrologers so as to know which Birth Stone suits you the best. provides you with the most genuine, effective and highly credible gemstone. These stones are astrologically very strong and are approved by our team of Astrologers. These birthstones have high degree of clarity, beauty, stability and durability.

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