Blue Sapphire

Neelam Gem or Blue Sapphire is a gemstone which is used to protect the malevolence of Saturn. This gem is the gemstone of Saturn which is benefic or malefic and controls longevity. Saturn is mysterious planet and also symbolizes limitations, separative nature and restrictive attitude. If the horoscope suggests blue sapphire then it is good to wear after following the method suggested by the expert astrologer. Neelam will give mental peace, moral courage and discipline to grow up in the life. The person who wears this gem will possess power of foresight and will also have the power of perfect planning achieve his goals. If he is blessed with Saturn then the person will spend money cautiously, reserved in nature, watchful, visionary, conscientious, unrelenting, and liable. If the Saturn is reversed on that person then he will become avaricious, indolent, gloomy, sluggish, fraudulent and skeptical and he faces plenty of problems with work and health too. In consonance with other planets, Saturn snatches power from the person, creates misunderstanding in married life, brings money loss, attracts negative orders from government and loss of command on duties. The person will surely face lots of ups as well as downs in the life span and remain unsettled. If the Saturn become malefic then it shows its power mainly on health problem mostly suffering with bones, teeth, knees, feet, hairs, nails, ribs and major diseases like paralyses, insanity, rheumatism, gout, consumptions and bronchitis.
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Benefits of wearing Blue Sapphire: Coming to the advantages of wearing Neelam with the combination of other gems helps cure bone cancer, nerve disease, paralysis, and kidney trouble. Wearing a Neelam gem will bring name and fame, wealth, health, happiness, long life with good health, mental peace and prosperity. It protects from natural disasters, danger, terror, accidents, storm, fire and thieves. Good wealth and good career will approach to change lifestyle for better. Saturn is a slow moving planet comparing to rest and will give much trouble especially to the nervous system. The blue sapphire will cure the diseases caused by the Saturn planet.

Professions which are benefited by wearing this stone of Blue Sapphire: Professions that are benefited by Neelam or blue sapphire Coming to the good effects of Blue Sapphire for professions, the persons who are working as surgeons, machinists, astrologers, electrical appliance developers, mechanical engineers, metallurgists, writers, prison warden, scientists, archaeologist and soldiers will get good benefits from this gem. Neelam is also very benefiting for people engaging in drama, dance, martial arts, action, cinematography, and direction department persons. This gem is also very useful for business fields like export and import, transportation, production of minerals, vehicles, textiles spare parts, gas and petroleum will get instant increase on their business to grow up as a top most industrialists. This is also very constructive for the political leaders too.

Procedure for Wearing: Coming to the method of wearing blue sapphire, it should be worn in gold or iron and should be worn in the right hand middle finger on Saturday. The carat of the gem will vary depending upon person’s zodiac sign and an expert astrologer should be consulted before wearing this gem. If worn wrongly or in wrong carat or with wrong material it will give much trouble to the person wearing it. This gem is largely suggested for person of Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs but instructions should be followed before wearing it. Good quality gem in Neelam is advised to wear only Inder Neel Neelam and a Neelam royal blue which is blue on the outside and empty or white at the middle.

Blue Sapphire should be worn only after consultation with an expert astrologer or it may have negative effects on the person wearing it.

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Blue Sapphire
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