Cancer Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope: The Crab which signifies Cancer is one of the most difficult to understand zodiacs. Cancerians usually have multiple personalities. They are mostly home animals and they love to live in large families. People can’t judge them at once because, to some they appear to be quite unfriendly but like anyone else they love to shoot the breeze and have good time.

They live in the world of fantasy as they are big daydreamers. Often you'll find them sitting alone and thinking, actually it’s when they are in there fantasy world.

They are more interested in art, writing, drama as they are very imaginative although dancing is not a good option for them because they have the tendency to overact.

Cancer is the most irrational zodiac, they strongly believe in the psychic predictions done for them on the basis of the position of moon and planets.

Cancerians are very faithful and they come out to be loyal friends. Being patriotic they hold a strong feeling of nationalism.

Cancer Characteristics

The most basic characteristic of Cancerians is their sensitivity. They are emotional and sentimental with a very soft heart which is very easy to melt. They are surrounded by many friends as they are very frank and friendly. They are always ready to help others, this adds to their natural feeling of responsibility and care. Also they are very compassionate.

Their partner has to be caring only then a good compatibility will be seen as cancerians love to spend time with their partner. Being simple in life, having a bunch of close pals and happy family life is most important for them. They get along well with those people who are just similar to them in every way; this shows how compassionate they are.

Cancer Traits

Affectionate, emotional and loving

Intuitive, creative and imaginative

Clever, shrewd and cautious

Protective, condoling and sympathetic

On the dark side....

Mutable, fickle minded and moody

Sloppy, over emotional and touchy

Cleaving, adhesive and unable to let go

Cancer Compatibility

Cancer and Aries

A cancer male is very sentimental, emotional and not good at all in expressing whereas Aries female is very outgoing, extrovert and expressive. Also an Aries woman has a fiery nature to which a cancer man has to adjust. Cancer male is attracted to the Aries woman because of her self confidence, high spirit and generosity. Aries woman possess a powerful character and turns out to be a good leader, this also impresses Cancer man. Their compatibility is not too strong yet in various cases they turn out to be an ideal couple.

Cancer and Taurus

The need of care and affection is a feature which is present both in Cancer as well as Taurus. They like to be cared and loved by their partners. They both want partners who can spend more time with them. They both share common characteristics which helps them to attract each other. Cancer and Taurus both are very sensitive so they care for each other’s feeling. A cancer male is very friendly and affectionate and this attracts the Taurus female as she herself is very friendly and affectionate. Another similar feature responsible for their good compatibility is that they prefer to lead a simple life in the presence of very few close friends. We can in a way say that both Cancer and Taurus are introvert and reserved.

Cancer and Gemini

A Gemini male is full of energy and enthusiasm. He has a vivacious nature and is very sensitive. All these qualities attract a Cancer female towards him. When on one hand a Cancer woman is more inclined towards living a simple settled life, on the other hand a Gemini man is very dynamic and like changes in life. Although such differences hamper their compatibility but yet in some cases differences are considered healthy for a relationship as it is apparently said that opposites attract each other so people with dissimilar characteristics complement each other well. Both Cancer and Gemini are very adaptable and adjustable so they have a good compatibility as they adjust with each other's flaws very well. By adjusting and making the effort to understand their partner they will be able to develop good compatibility.

Cancer and Cancer

They both have similar nature which is very compassionate and emotional so they get along very well and build an excellent compatibility. Family bonds and family values are important for both so they make happy and healthy families. Both are commonly reliable, protective, intimate, and loving this adds flags to their compatibility. But only similarities are not enough for a good and healthy relationship, they need to have control over their mutable nature and mood swings. Few minor adaptations and adjustments can make them good and ideal partners with a strong and long lasting relationship.

Cancer and Leo

A Cancer male is not so comfortable with high pitch of voice, rude and harsh behavior. He is a soft and sensitive person. Leo female is very dominating but as Cancerians are very adjusting and adaptable they cope up with the ruling behavior of Leos and adjust themselves according to them. They share good compatibility as Leos are very good and faithful lovers which are exactly what Cancerians like. Both of them are hungry of appreciation and care, so if they get it, they make good pairs. The Caring nature of Cancer man is the main feature which attracts the Leo woman towards him and because of this they agree to get into a relationship and test their compatibility.

Cancer and Virgo

A Cancer woman is very patient and quiet which acts as a defensive shield against the fussy and changing nature of a Virgo man. They both like to be loved and pampered and also they both are very affectionate to provide the love to each other. They both learn from each other many qualities by staying together which helps them in becoming a good human. They like to know from their partners many things. On one hand Cancer woman teaches Virgo man how to be expressive, on the other hand Virgo male teaches Cancer woman how to be rational in life and mentally stronger.

Cancer and Libra

Both Cancer and Libra are very non-violent and peace loving people. They cannot tolerate any discord or problem in their lives and they both prefer and enjoy a peaceful life. The reason for their good compatibility is that they both have the quality of understanding each other very well as understanding is very important in every relationship. The balanced, open minded, rational and practical nature of a Libra woman can easily impress Cancer man and can attract him towards her.

Cancer and Scorpio

Cancerians are very emotional and Scorpions are also very emotional and sensitive it helps both the zodiacs to build good compatibility. Cancer woman is hungry of love and affection. Also a Scorpio man can provide the desired love and affection. Cancer males are very loyal which work as a positive factor in building their compatibility. Due to similarities in nature of these zodiacs they give plenty of passion and romance in their relationship which increases their compatibility and builds a good and long lasting relationship. The Cancer woman satisfies the desire of comfort and security in Scorpio man which helps in growing their relationship.

Cancer and Sagittarius

A Cancer male is very simple kind of person who wants to lead a simple life by enjoying even the smallest pleasures of life. He wants a secured relationship with a faithful partner who will love him till his end and who will help him in starting his own family. He is a value oriented person. A Sagittarius female can comfort him by all means but she's a sort of person who loves freedom. If both of them can build good understanding of their negative and positive qualities, develop their compatibility and build a relationship they have to recognize the positive qualities in each other and appreciate.

Cancer and Capricorn

The Cancer and Capricorn zodiac signs possess dissimilar features. They have entirely different nature. It’s said that opposites attracts, same can be applied in terms of relationships as well their dissimilarity helps them to come over their differences by learning from their partners. Also dissimilarity breaks a chain of monotony in life and gives different experience every time. In case of these two Zodiacs this can be observed. On one side where a Cancer woman is very emotional, thinks from heart not from mind, cannot make proper judgments, while on the other hand a Capricorn man is very practical person and can take decisions wisely. Common in both the Zodiacs is their urge for loyalty and faithfulness from their partners. This urge increases their compatibility.

Cancer and Aquarius

The nature of a Cancer man is very emotional, he looks for depth in relationships and thus after he gets in relationship it is the one which he has looked into very closely. Both Cancer and Aquarius Zodiacs have friendly, jovial and frank nature. They mix up with people very easily; both of them are good in making friends. They both are good learners and they learn from each other the qualities they lack, like an Aquarius woman learns to be compassionate from a Cancer man, whereas a Cancer man learns to utilize his intelligence for solving issues. Cancer and Aquarius share a good compatibility.

Cancer and Pisces

The benefit of similarity in nature of Cancer and Pisces helps them to build good compatibility they both are compassionate, emotional and sympathetic. These similar characteristics help them in building compatibility as well as making the relationship long lasting and strong. The broader outlook of a Pisces man can be quiet helpful in attracting a Cancer woman. Additionally, the romantic nature that the Pisces man has can do a lot of good to add colors and flavors in their relationship. The warmth in the nature of a Cancer woman and her affection can be favorable in getting attention of a Pisces man and attract him.

Cancer Star Stone: The Star Stone which belongs to Cancer zodiac is the beautiful translucent 'PEARL'. It’s not white in color. It possess all the silvery shades of moon in its different phases. Pearl grown in mollusk(oyster). It takes on its silvery, shimmering colors from the color of the linings of the mollusc (oyster). A beautiful, perfect pearl can sell for as much as $250,000.00, so speaking of a 'pearl of great price' becomes readily understandable. This precious stone can be harmful if subjected to hair spray, acids, perspiration, and some types of cosmetics.

Cancer Color: The soothing color of heaven's tomb "Silver Blue" is ruled by the Cancer sign. It signifies serenity, calmness, deep feelings and peaceful atmosphere. The Cancer sign color of silver blue:

1. Promotes relaxation as it helps the body and mind to relax

2. Aids in accessing emotion as Cancerians are not very expressive

3. Calms anger and agitation as Cancerians got a short temper

4. Encourages creative expression in Cancerians as they are very imaginative

5. Shades against negative emotional influences of evil urges.

Cancer Ruling Planet: The sun sign of Cancer is dominated by Moon. Although, Moon is not a planet as per astronomy; astrologers believe it to be so. The influence of Moon on the Cancerian zodiac is quite dynamic. However, it can be understood and thus, controlled, to quite an extent. Individuals who have the Moon as their ruling planet tend to have a very vivid as well as colorful imagination, which at times borders on the fantasies or may lead to excessive worry and even hysteria. The moods of a June-born tend to vary a lot, at times to extremes, making him highly unpredictable.

Cancer Lucky Day: Monday

Good career choices:
  • Journalist
  • Nurse
  • Politician
  • Housekeeper
  • Chef
  • Real-Estate-Broker
  • Gardener
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