Catseye stone (lehsunia) is the stone of planet Ketu which is a shadow planet not having any physical body and indicates the position of the maternal grandfather of the native.

It is a sign of wisdom, renunciation, moksha, bitter experiences and weakness to have pleasure with other women. When this planet is in a malefic position it signifies fear, insanity, allergy, leprosy, injury, fire accidents, punishment by government, court and law suits and weak intuiting powers. One can expect sudden surprising results if under the influence of this auspicious planet.

Ketu signifies fortune and goodness, and it may also bestow one with a son. Ketu may be behind skin diseases, pimples, colic pain, dropsy, abscesses, paralysis, heart diseases, hormonal imbalance, hunger, ring worms, burns, injuries from and accidents, operation, apoplexy and small pox. Other ailments caused may be urinary troubles, problems in feet, spinal cord, arthritis, gout, and backache, pain in knees, legs and joints.

Catseye is hot in composition and is helpful in curing diseases and problems given by the planets Ketu and Mars. This gemstone is favorable to people as it saves them from unexpected mishaps and enemies.

It is a favorite gem for those involved in business and in speculative activities and also for persons having diseases or problems genetically. This stone grants wealth by secret means like horse racing, gambling, stock exchange market and speculations.

The Catseye gemstone should be worn by hardworking children or students if not getting good results. And by people who are suffering from unknown powers cat’s eye in combination of Rudraksha or pearl and yellow sapphire should be worn.

This gemstone is not favorable for everyone and an astrologer should be consulted before wearing it.
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Catseye,3.25 Ratti
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Catseye,5.25 Ratti
Benefits of wearing Catseye:Catseye stone is also said to help cure blood cancer, gland cancer, bone cancer, mouth cancer if worn in combination with other stones.

It helps get rid of paralysis, cancer, asthma, fainting fits skin diseases, mental worries, insanity etc. and helps people suffering from unanticipated fears and worries.

Professions that are benefited by wearing Catseye: People who are profited by this gemstone are writers, scholars, film directors, engineers, poets, peace loving persons, doctors, scientists, architects, printers, judges, meteorologists, pharmacists producing new drugs and businessmen.

Spiritualists, philosophers and those involved in hypnotism, meditation and involved in writing and speaking, in inventions, medicines, chemicals, electricity and computers, and politicians should wear cat’s eye stones as it will benefit them.

Procedure for Wearing:

Day for wearing: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Time for wearing:two hours after sunset or in the evening
Finger: middle finger of the right hand.

Caution: One should avoid wearing a defected piece of this stone and should consult an expert astrologer before using the catseye stone.

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