Celebrity Of The Week - Sachin Tendulkar

Date of Birth: 24-04-1973

Time of Birth: 16:20

Place of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Sachin Tendulkar was named after the famous music director, Sachin Dev Burman as his father was a huge fan of the director. Sachin was born and brought up in Mumbai. His father was a Marathi Novelist and his mother was a working woman with an insurance company. Sachin has two brothers and 1 sister. The credit of his playing cricket goes to his elder brother who persuaded him to do so.

Sachin started his cricket career from Sharad Ashram Vidyamandir, High School under the guidance of Coach Mr. Ramakant Achrekar. He joined the MRF Pace Foundation to learn Fast Bowling. The Australian Fast Bowler, Dennis Lee (World Record Setter with 355 Wickets), suggested him to concentrate alone on his batting. Initially in his younger days, Sachin put a solid strength and hard work in his batting and he sat no time limit for his practice. He used to be dead beat but there was no stoppage. His coach used to place a coin of Re.1 and the bowler stumping Sachin out would receive that coin as a reward. But if Sachin sailed out without getting stumped, he achieved that reward. Sachin won 13 coins in all and today they are one of his most esteemed and cherished assets.

Sacihn’s name became the focal point in the frequent discussions among the Mumbai surroundings. He gained a standing of an Adolescent Wonder. He was proposed to reach grand heights. In 1988, his performance was an amazing one. He astonished everyone and himself too by scoring a century in every one of the inning he played. He and his team-mate Vinod Kambli set a record of an unbreakable partnership of 664 runs in the inter-school game in 1988. One bowler even came near to tears with the performance of the disparaging twosome and the opponent team discontinued the match. In this series, Sachin notched up over a thousand runs with a score of 326-not out-in the inning itself. This indestructible affiliation remained undaunted till 2006, when 2 under 13 batsmen busted it in a match at Hyderabad, India.

During the 1987 World Cup between India and Zimbabwe, Sachin was simply a Ball Boy. Sunil Gavaskar, The acclaimed Cricketer and fabulous Batsman, gifted Sachin with a pair of his own ultra light pads at the age of 14. After Sachin outshined Sunil Gavaskar’s World record of 34 Test Centuries in a span of 20 years, he was quoted by media that the gift by Gavaskar was an immense foundation of support for him. He wedded Anjali, a pediatrician on 24th May, 1995. He has 2 children, one daughter and one son. He is a very compassionate soul. He sponsors some 200 underprivileged children in Mumbai through an NGO.

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