Celebrity Of The Week - Javed Akhtar

Date of Birth: 17-01-1945

Time of Birth: 12:00

Place of Birth: Gwalior state, British India

Sing any song from any Indian movie and it is highly probable that it has been written by Javed Akhtar, the man with magic in his pen. He is a majestic writer with numerous number of poems, lyrics and scripts revolving the Earth to his credit. Formerly, he was known as Jadoo Akhtar. He is the son of a Bollywood film songwriter Jan Nisar Akhtar and Urdu poet and singer Safia Akhtar who was also a teacher and writer. He was born in the city of Gwalior, in the state of Madhya Pradesh on 17th January 1945. For a decade, during 1970s- 1980s he worked jointly with Salim Khan and created many masterpieces of film script-writings and lyrics. He is married to Shabana Azmi. Before this Javed Akhtar was married to Honey Irani who is also a script-writer for Hindi films they both had two children Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar, who are upcoming actor and directors too.

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