Will Anna Hazare Succeed?

Will Anna Hazare Succeed on Jan Lokpal Bill? This could be the hottest topic today sidelining all for the time being but is it really the 74-year-old man’s success or failure in question really? Or, is it not the nation that is at stake or, the willingness to fight against corruption at question? As Anna Hazare himself says that he is just a means for the awakening, his life or death is immaterial if the larger goal is in purview. But India has in fact awakened and the upsurge is translating into pressure on the Union government.

Creating a doubt and raising questions like ‘will Anna Hazare succeed?’ are just examples of human skeptic nature and nothing more than that. It will only be a matter of time and the time is soon to come (August 30) when we will see that Jan Lokpal takes its first breath formally like an infant. There are various reasons affirming why Anna Hazare should succeed, or simply why Jan Lokpal should be a reality soon.

Our Astrologers have analyzed Anna Hazare Horoscope, and we believe that Anna Hazare will succeed. However, compromises would be made. There would be some adjustments in the bill. Our Astrolger, Dr. Dhram Singh Jain believe the next week from 24th August 22, 2011 to 31st august, 2011 will be the deciding time and the decision would be in quite favor of our public leader Anna Hazare. A new leader is born and he will change the look of our country.

Following would be the reason why Jan Lokpal will succeed: It is made for the masses and takes care that everybody frees of the shackles of corruption and delay allied to it. With Jan Lokpal in, everybody will be entitled to know when his/her request such as a ration card, passport or anything will be done. Above all everyone will be entitled to question the delay and red tapism will cease to exist. Moreover, it will ascertain accountability that has gone missing over the years. Following the mass appeal, and heading a hope that Jan Lokpal will bring down sky rocketing prices of everyday use commodities, everybody is interested in it and want to contribute in his/her way to the cause.

Equally, Right to Information Act has since been more or less a toothless tiger. With Jan Lokpal in, RTI will be more productive and people will be able to question the authorities not only seeking for information about the delay but also the reasons for the delay. Besides, Jan Lokpal will empower people to audit the works and in case of any irregularities, necessary action will be taken.

Will Anna Hazare succeed or fizzle out like Baba Ramdev? This is another question that pops up and creates fear among the masses. But looking at the irresponsive nature of Baba Ramdev and his propaganda, it is quite clear that Anna Hazare has taken a different path. Unlike, Baba Ramdev he does not have aspirations. Also, he is on the Gandhian path of giving his services.

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