Emerald (Panna) represents positive powers of Mercury. It is the planet of business, communication, intelligence, education & intuition. It is regarded the prince among the congregation of nine planets. A benefic Mercury can make one a successful politician, sharpens intelligence, increases wealth, improves eyesight, obliterates black magic.

But with malefic Mercury there will be mental commotion, malicious effects of evil spirits, painful delivery, and happiness will be deprived. It causes diseases like asthma, rheumatism, cough, stammering, spondylitis etc.
Price in Rs.
Emerald,3.25 Ratti
Emerald,4.25 Ratti
Emerald,5.25 Ratti
Benefits of wearing Emerald:It increases logical power, common sense and spiritual power. It sharpens the intelligence of students, singers, dancers, and musicians are graced by Goddess Saraswati. It makes child birth very easy when it is tied around the waist of a pregnant woman. The enemies are disclosed very soon. The wearer is filled with love, understanding and nobility.

Professions that are benefited by wearing Emerald: It should be worn particularly by diplomats, scientists, astrologers, teachers, architects, medical personalities, doctors, businessmen, property dealers, publishers, accountants, engineers, writers, post officers, insurance officers and intellectuals.

Procedure for Wearing:

Day for wearing: It should be worn on Wednesday
Time: Sunrise
Finger: The smallest finger

Caution: If the Emerald is defective, then it will cause great harm to the wearier. Consult your Astrologer before wearing it.

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