Online Gun Milan- Traditional Way of Kundali Matching

Marriage is the biggest institution. It is a knot tied with the heavenly blessings of god and our parents. It is the most important decision of your life that comes with new responsibilities. . To confirm the happiness in new life, most of the families consult an astrologer to match the horoscope of prospective bride and groom. Horoscope Matching is one of the most common and essential element of Indian society. The Vedic Astrology make use of Planet moon in both the horoscope to give the score of Gun Milan. There are 8 criteria’s on which no. are given in Kundli Milan. These descriptions are eight in number they are:-
1. Varan: It comprised of 1 point out of 36. It tells us about the degree of spiritual development of both bride and groom. Points are granted if they belong to same kind of spiritual development.
2. Vasya: It comprised of 2 point out of 36. It tells us about the degree of magnetic control and amenability the girl or the guy would be able to exercise on the other. Points are granted if the Moon signs of bride and groom are friendly to each other.
3. Tara: It comprised of 6 point out of 36. It tells us about the degree of auspiciousness and in- auspiciousness of both men and women for each other.
4. Yoni: It comprised of 6 point out of 36. It tells us about the sexual compatibility, which plays a very important role in marital happiness.
5. Grah Maitri: It comprised of 5 point out of 36 in total. It tells us about the behavioral pattern, temperamental compatibility and matching of opinions and interests of both prospective bride and groon with each other. We calculate it on the basis of lord of sign in which Moon is positioned.
6. Gan: It comprised of 6 point out of 36. It tells us about the temperament and character of the male and female. On the basis of Nakshatra of Moon( in which the person is born), the person is 3 kinds of Gan as Dev ( Divine) , Manushya ( Human) and Rakshasha ( Daiabolica) Gan. Quarrels and disharmony in relationships is witnessed if these Gan do not match each other.
7. Bhakoot: It comprised of 7 point out of 36. It tells us about the degree of capability of achieving health, agreement, happiness, longevity and prosperity, so as to decide whether they can live happy life together or not. We calculate it on the basis of the position of one's Moon Sign from other's Moon Sign.
8. Nadi: It comprised of 8 point out of 36. It is considered as the most important aspect. People who have Nadi Dosha have to suffer due to their child. Either the couple will face problems regarding having a child or they would always have some problems in relation with their kids.
A score below 18 is not considered a good match. With the Free Gun Milan we also provide you with Free Manglik Milan.

However, the decision by gun Milan is not a final one. We have seen that people with very low score of Gun Milan have a very successful marriage and people with high score have their marriage ended in divorce. Complete Horoscope Matching is required to know the destiny of Marriage between the couple. To know more about this, click on our Horoscope Matching Report.

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