Moon Sign Horoscope and Compatibility Report

What is a Moon Sign?
Moon sign means the rashi or the sign in which moon was, at the time of person’s birth. Vedic Astrology gives high importance to Moon sign, as their predictions are highly based on it rather than our Zodiac sign or Sun sign. Sun generally takes 28 days to move from one sign to another or in other words to cross one house and move to another. However speed of moon is fast and it generally takes 2 1/3 day to move from one sign to another. Thus our moon sign can be different than our Sun sign as it is not necessary that our moon was in the same rashi as the sun was, at the time and pace of birth.

Moon Sign Horoscope and its importance:
Moon Sign Horoscope is very important in Vedic astrology, as moon represents the inner self of a person. It reveals your true self and your inner feelings and thoughts. It is a Moon sign that explains the difference between the 2 people of the same zodiac sign. The moon sign can specifically tell you about the person’s nature, emotional instincts and habits. In our Vedic Astrology, we generally predict the future by our Ascendant Chart. But our esteemed Astrologers believe that Moon Sign Horoscope is equally important in predicting the future.

1.Moon sign and its Nakshatra plays a very important role in determining the alphabet for the name of a person. It is your Moon Sign Horoscope that gives us the letter in the Namkaran function of your child.
2.Moon sign just do not give us the initials for the name but also tells you about your good and difficult periods in life.
3.Moon sign compatibility plays a very important role in our horoscope matching. What we generally refer as “Gun Milan” is nothing but moon compatibility between 2 people. It is very important in today’s time to have moon sign compatibility before a marriage.
4.Moon represents your mind, your thinking, your likes, dislikes. Moon sign plays a very important role in the character analysis of the person. You can know a person’s mindset and his mental outlook through his moon sign. A person would be under great tensions, undue pressure and anxiety, if the moon is badly placed and afflicted in the natal chart.
5.Moon represents mother. It is a feminine planet. A person’s relationship with mother depends on the position of moon in our natal chart. If the moon is fairly placed, then a person enjoy the bond with the mother where as if the moon in afflicted, there is seen many times that a person is deprived of motherhood. Either he/she will not share a good relationship with her or mother would face serious health issues, not giving the adequate care and concern to the person.

What if my Sun and Moon are in the same sign?
If Sun and moon are in the same sign then the persons Moon sign horoscope becomes as important as sun sign horoscope is. This also makes a person double of that sign, which make the traits of these signs very dominant. For example, if a person is born with sun and moon in “Taurus” sign, then he/she will become double Taurus and the trait of stubbornness will be very significant in him/her.

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