Gemini Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope: Gemini (the twins) is perhaps one of the most complex of all the signs. Where Gemini are wonderful friends for some they bear dual-personality and are cowardly to others. As a Gemini you engage in child-like acts throughout and thus do good and bad things. As a Geminian you remain happy and full of energy as long as things take turn your way. You turn aggressive and mean when things really are against you. It is hard for you to take a decision and even after taking a decision you think that the other way round could be good for you. Like a Geminian you fight for a thing, supposedly moral purpose though that may not be moral in toto. Talking of some of the disadvantages of being a Geminian, you almost perfect the art of lying and don't take our decisions, yet you prefer relying on someone else's decisions to solve your problems. Lack of self-esteem is the only one factor that draws the Gemini down. Besides, a lot of things occupy your mind and thus you do not focus on a single thing. You are not a pious admirer as while you praise someone you also think low of him/her. Despite all this Geminians are people with brains.

Gemini Characteristics

You love adventures and readily accept challenges in life. As a Gemini you communicate your feelings well and you love to be independent in life. A Gemini man could easily build relationship with different people and can easily attract people towards him.

Gemini Compatibility

Gemini and Aries

As per Aries and Gemini traits, restlessness and extremism are common between them. Both of them look forward for something new and thus experimentation is a habit which both of these horoscopes share. A perfect compatibility in the relationship can be built between a man with Gemini horoscope and a woman with Aries horoscope as her dominating traits can easily be handled by a man with Gemini traits. Thus, Aries compatibility with a person of Gemini traits is very strong.

Second thing which will keep the couple attached and compatible is the open communication between the two. This will help in building a good relationship between these two horoscopes. The traits which make them of speak the heart out will give back healthy communication and will also keep them entertained and enthusiastic in the relationship.

Gemini and Taurus

The Taurus and Gemini compatibility is more or less possible to a great extent. Gemini male possess multidimensional traits which helps the Taurus female in learning different aspects. A man with Gemini horoscope has good intelligence and high mental aptitude that attracts Taurus female. On the other hand gentleness and self determination of a Taurus female attracts a Gemini. Both of these horoscopes only lack in compatibility on grounds of freedom, where a female with Taurus horoscope is very possessive, but a man with Gemini horoscope likes to be free. Other than these Taurus and Gemini traits, they have good compatibility.

Gemini and Gemini

A life time friendship is what a Gemini compatibility report suggests. A person with Gemini horoscope loves the company of the same horoscope as both of them are party animals if ever there is any drift between the two they never mind it seriously. Gemini are fun loving but at the same time they get bored easily by the same situation every time. A person with Gemini horoscope is equipped with strange Gemini traits which make him/her inaccessible for others to their minds. Thus, long term compatibility is a matter of doubt.

Gemini and Cancer

A male with Gemini horoscope is full of energy and enthusiasm as per his traits. Gemini are vivacious very sensitive. All these qualities attract a female of Cancer horoscope towards him. When on one hand a woman with Cancer horoscope is more inclined towards living a simple settled life, Gemini are very dynamic and like changes in life. Although such differences hamper the compatibility with Cancer, yet in some cases differences are considered healthy for a relationship as it is apparently said that opposites attract each other so people with dissimilar characteristics complement each other well. Both Cancer and Gemini horoscopes are very adaptable and adjustable so they have a good compatibility as they adjust with each other's flaws very well. By adjusting and making the effort to understand their partner both of these horoscopes will be able to develop good compatibility.

Gemini and Leo

Both, Leo and Gemini horoscopes are self lovers. They show good Leo and Gemini compatibility but too much attention is required. A Leo is egoistic and a person with Gemini traits regularly has mood swings. But, both of them are fun loving and helpful too. So the compatibility between these two horoscopes is quite good.

Gemini and Virgo

There is no sign of good compatibility between a person with Virgo horoscope and another with Gemini horoscope. A Virgo is very practical and he or she starts taking responsibility whereas Gemini is impulsive with a head on cloud nine. A person with Virgo horoscope will keep on criticizing a person with Gemini horoscope which is intolerable for the one with Gemini horoscope. They do not have necessary traits to show good Virgo and Gemini compatibility.

Gemini and Libra

A Gemini and Libra are full of ideas and dreams. Both of these zodiacs have some similarities in their traits like love for variety and a thundering sense of humor. A Libran is patient and not at all rushes even after being persuaded by a Gemini. This quality makes him or her vulnerable but this enhances their compatibility and makes the relationship work. Gemini can get moody but, one Librans can adjust. Both of these horoscopes are optimist. Thus, a good Libra and Gemini compatibility is seen.

Gemini and Scorpio

Gemini compatibility with Scorpio is good when these are friends and lovers but, these two horoscopes will split very quickly into a conflict. A Scorpio can easily get into the mind of a Gemini and understand what he or she is up to. This tendency is also included among weirdest qualities of Gemini. A Gemini is not believed by a Scorpio due to twin personality of Gemini person. They might make a good team when it comes to business. Thus, their compatibility is good as business partners but not as long term relationship.

Gemini and Sagittarius

When it is about Sagittarius and Gemini compatibility then a person with Sagittarius horoscope and other with Gemini horoscope will be into a very vibrant relationship. These horoscopes are better than any other when it is about compatibility between two horoscopes. Sagittarius traits make a person to be social and with a huge friends list the person is admired by the people with Gemini traits. People belonging to these horoscopes are very talkative and share their thoughts perfectly which are prime factors of their traits. Thus, both have good compatibility and their similar traits are the main causes.

Gemini and Capricorn

A person with Gemini horoscope is not very much committed to a relationship which is just opposite to what is preferred by a person of Capricorn horoscope. The emotional expressions by a person with Capricorn traits will only bore the one with Gemini Traits. And the person with Gemini horoscope is just too childish for a person with Capricorn traits. Thus, in any way Capricorn and Gemini compatibility is never flourishing.

Gemini and Aquarius

The Aquarius and Gemini compatibility is too promising one. They both show huge similarities in their traits. A Gemini will be up to the mark when it comes to impress a person with Aquarius horoscope as a person with Aquarius traits is always in search of interesting personalities. These two horoscopes will never restrict each other as both of them believe in freedom and individualities. Aquarius traits enable a person to impress partner by complimenting each decision and good assets. And, this is what a person with Gemini traits wants from his partner. They show good signs of compatibility and love for each other.

Gemini and Pisces

Pisces and Gemini compatibility is not very fruitful as people belonging to both of these horoscopes are lost into their respective imaginations. A person with Gemini horoscope and another with Pisces horoscope have traits of good artistic skills and exceptional imagination. They do not have a lot of similarities in their lifestyles as per Pisces and Gemini traits. Gemini traits enable a person to use his or her logic to solve a problem while Pisces horoscope has the traits to follow their intuitive powers which is the part of their traits. Pisces can get extremely sensitive and emotional over things for a long time and they keep on seeking support, which are not the Gemini traits. This can create conflicts and the compatibility between both of them will lack love in it.

Gemini Star Stone: Your star stones are semi precious gemstone Moss Agate and Emerald. The Gemini star stone moss agate helps in recovering Geminians from circulatory problems and it also seemed to have boosted intuitive powers in Geminians. It also suppresses depression and infuses positive feelings in you.

Gemini Color: Yellow, also termed as the most cheerful color of the spectrum, is your star color. Driven by the power of 'Yellow' you get clarity and high level of intellect. The Gemini color yellow also boosts you communication skills besides making you open to other's suggestions and igniting creativity in you. It also makes you more intellectual and helps you attain good education.

Gemini Ruling Planet: Mercury is Geminians ruling planet. Since it a symbol of adaptability and flexibility, it infuses such traits in you. Being a Gemini and ruled by the Roman Messenger God, Mercury you think that everything is in the hands of fate and thus you compromise and adapt to circumstances easily. Your ruling planet also gives you aggressive attitude besides making you restless.
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