Leo Horoscope

Leo Horoscope: Governed by Sun, the king of planets, Leos have kingly characteristics. Being a Leo, you get ambition and strong personality in inheritance from you sign. Clearly extroverts, Leos love to visit places of their interest. Though you have clarity in approach but sometimes even small matters confuse you. You are friend to many and warmly welcome guests and take good care of them. You are independent and far-sighted and thus you bear current losses for benefits in the future. Being too much materialistic, you wonder how would you live without the worldly things. You pose to be silent and serious. You take special care of persons who are of some value to you. You have your own opinions on things and you have an unquenchable thirst for power and you are ready to do anything to get it. You are a good orator and a pleasing personality and thus you have many friends around you. Leo are very scared of failures and turn impatient when they have to face it. Being an extrovert Leos are special friends to those in need. However, Leos can be win over easily through flattery and largely they are unaware of it.

Leo Characteristics

A Leo explores places and is a fun loving person and enjoys life. Generally they many aspects of their personality and specially they are at soft-hearted. Being a Leo you don't sacrifice your independence. You easily impress people and make friends in seconds and also keep your friends in good spirits.

Leo Compatibility

Leo and Aries

Leo and Aries are the horoscopes that share many common traits like that of aggressiveness which will be admired by a man with Leo horoscope which will lead to a smooth relationship. Leo compatibility with the person with Aries traits is required to maintain smooth and successful life, one of the two will have to bend at times in front of each other as both of them have aggressive and dominating traits which makes them volatile sometimes. If one plays a leading role then normal friction can be removed from their relationship. A man with Aries horoscope will be attracted towards the woman with Leo traits for her warm character, vibrant nature, open & extrovert personality and they will show very good compatibility.

Leo and Taurus

Strong determination and the ability of decision making in women with Taurus horoscope attract the man with Leo horoscope. The traits enabling initiative capabilities of a man with Leo horoscope impresses a woman with Taurus horoscope. Also, Taurus traits show introvert nature and are very reserved but a man with Leo traits believes in free mixing and freedom. The Taurus and Leo compatibility is not very satisfactory but may happen to be good.

Leo and Gemini

Both, Gemini and Leo horoscopes are self lovers. They show good Gemini and Leo compatibility but too much attention is required as a person with Leo traits is egoistic and the one with Gemini horoscope regularly faces mood swings. But, both of them are fun loving and helpful too as per their basic traits. So the compatibility between these two horoscopes is quite good and in future they both may even get in to an ever lasting friendship or marriage too.

Leo and Cancer

A male with Cancer traits makes him not so comfortable with high pitch of voice, rude and harsh behavior. He is a soft and sensitive person. A female with Leo traits is very dominating but as the one with Cancer horoscope is very adjusting and adaptable they cope up with the ruling behavior of the person with Leo traits and adjust themselves according to them. As per their horoscopes, they share good Cancer and Leo compatibility as they can be very good and faithful lovers which are exactly what both of them want. Both of them are hungry of appreciation and care, so if they get it, they make good pairs. The caring traits of a man with Cancer horoscope is the one of the main traits which attracts the woman with Leo horoscope towards him and because of this they agree to get into a relationship and work for a healthy compatibility between these two horoscopes.

Leo and Leo

The Leo and Leo compatibility flourishes for a long time. A person with Leo horoscope and another with the same will have similarities due to their similar Leo traits and this will help them find like minded partners in each other. The Leos are very passionate and loyal to their partners and very protective too as per their basic traits. Thus, the commitment within this same horoscope is liable to give a good shot and better compatibility in future as per their traits.

Leo and Virgo

The relationship between a person with Leo horoscope and another with Virgo horoscope is strong in the fields of business and professions. The Virgo and Leo compatibility is not sound when it is about love and marriage. The Leo traits make a person very egoistic and that is the same with the Virgo traits too. Although a person with Virgo horoscope is very good at impressing a mate with Leo horoscope as the Virgo traits to make the partner feel special is quite loved by the mate with Leo traits. The compatibility between these two horoscopes is not good as a person with Virgo horoscope will never support the other one in bad times.

Leo and Libra

Libra and Leo compatibility is high in order of their mostly similar traits. A person with Leo horoscope loves to enjoy, party and have good times with people which are common with the person with Libra horoscope. The both love to socialize. But, as per the Leo traits he may sometimes get too furious and arrogant which is not acceptable by a person with Libra traits but he or she can pursue the other very well. The compatibility between these two horoscopes is good and demanding which is fulfilled by the traits of both of them.

Leo and Scorpio

Scorpio and Leo compatibility is the worst one ever witnessed by an astrologer. The person with Leo horoscope and the other with the Scorpio horoscope are totally opposite while delivering emotions. Both of them are physically very attractive and this leads a sense of inferiority complex between them. The get attracted to each other just for their looks but as both of them seek compliments but never give the same to each other. The Leo traits and the Scorpio traits are distinct and has ego in it. Thus, the compatibility is near to zero between these two horoscopes.

Leo and Sagittarius

A person with Sagittarius horoscope can gel up with another Leo horoscope very well. The Sagittarius and Leo compatibility is good but better as friends. The Sagittarius traits attract a person with Leo traits. The person with Leo traits should not be very aggressive and demanding to the person with Sagittarius horoscope and the one with Sagittarius traits should spend good amount of time with Leo horoscope. A good compatibility is possible between these two horoscopes.

Leo and Capricorn

The Capricorn and Leo compatibility is not promising as both of them are show offs. A person with Capricorn traits is lavish as well as wealthy but not blessed with good looks. But a person with Leo horoscope is physically attractive and it is the main cause of their partnership. They hardly love each other and this compatibility is only a matter of reputation. They show a very bad compatibility as per the Capricorn and Leo traits. These are just opposite horoscopes with very less similarities in their traits.

Leo and Aquarius

A person with Aquarius horoscope and another with Leo horoscope have very different traits. These two horoscopes do not meet up for a good compatibility in terms of long relationships. The person with Aquarius horoscope is never comfortable with commitments and the one with Leo horoscope is always ready to tie the marriage knot. Both of them have such opposite traits that they can never be good friends also. If they ever marry then the whole life they will keep on competing with each other. Thus, Aquarius and Leo compatibility is not a healthy one.

Leo and Pisces

There is no question of any sort of Pisces and Leo Compatibility. Both of these horoscopes are widely different in every aspect of their traits. A person with Pisces traits can get attracted to the royal Leo traits but this will be temporary as their opposite traits will not hold them together for a long period of time. The whole part of compatibility is loaded on the shoulders of the one with Pisces horoscope. The compatibility between these two horoscopes is doubtful as, both have opposite traits and ways to deal with situations. Their positive traits are not enough to cover up their negative traits. This pair will show a bad compatibility.

Leo Star Stone: Red RUBY, a symbol of friendship, love and nobility has a special role in improving chances of victory in disputes and it also helps curb violence. Your Leo star stone protects you from any physical injury and keeps you joyous.

Leo Color: Gold is your star color which is a symbol of illumination and heartfelt relationships. The Leo color makes you courageous, self-confident besides, it also boosts your self-esteem.

Leo Ruling Planet: Ever wondered why you are so fiery sometimes? It's your star planet-Sun that makes you ferocious. Other than astrology, Sun is not considered as a planet and is instead called a star. As the star of Leos, Sun is the source of energy, liveliness and charismatic personality. The Leo ruling star Sun also highlights your hidden qualities and lets you shine like a star so that you are able to translate all your plans to action.
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