Libro Horoscope

Libra Horoscope: One of the most sought after Zodiac Signs, Libra (symbol: the balance) is seventh astrological sign which has originated from the constellation of Libra. Librans are people who have a charming personality besides being gentle and kind-hearted. As a member of this sign, you have the special gift of judging people and that is why you have many good friends around. However, you feel extremely bad when people do not follow your decisions and instead challenge you. You go restless when people criticize you and impose allegations on you. Similarly, as a kind-hearted person you do not like people who are unsympathetic to others.
Since Librans are good at Arts, choose your career in arts rather than trying your luck in science. You are a sincere listener and easily understand other’s views and sympathize with them accordingly. Being a Libran, you get easily fed up of doings the same things daily.

Libra Characteristics

A Libra just like its zodiac sign comfortably balances his/her professional and personal lives. You are polite to others and you have a charisma in whatever you do. You always extend a helping hand to others and understand their feeling and do whatever you can to help them. Librans are good partners and help their better half in every activity. The best thing about Librans is that they think a lot, examine every aspect, before venturing out or taking a decision.

Libra Compatibility

Libra and Aries

The traits of people belonging to Aries and Libra horoscopes are slightly similar in respect of socialization and a woman with the Aries traits gets attracted towards a man with Libra traits for his emotions and passion that exists in the relationship. Same thing will be seen in the Traits of a man with the Libra horoscope as he will fall for fiery and aggressive traits of a woman with Aries horoscope. Aries and Libra compatibility is very flourishing. Both the horoscopes hold common traits of friendliness and socialization. This will help them both in developing a strong compatibility and relationship.

Libra and Taurus

Their strong Compatibility is because both Taurus horoscope and Libra horoscope are compassionate and soft in traits. This leads to a healthy and long relationship between these two horoscopes. The difference between them is the same as seen with many other horoscopes i.e. the introvert Taurus traits. The people with Libra traits are outgoing and free mixing people. The manipulating and convincing power in the people with Libra horoscope and the strong determination and gentleness of the people with Taurus horoscope attract both of them towards each other. Thus there is better compatibility.

Libra and Gemini

A person with Gemini horoscope and another with Libra horoscope are full of ideas and dreams. Both of these horoscopes have some similarities in their traits like the love for variety and a thundering sense of humor. Libra traits in a person makes him patient and not at all in rush towards the persuasion of a person with Gemini traits which makes him or her vulnerable and this will support the compatibility to make the relationship work. The people with Gemini traits can get moody but, the one with Libra traits can adjust. Both of these horoscopes are optimists. Thus, a good Gemini and Libra compatibility is seen.

Libra and Cancer

Both Cancer and Libra horoscopes are non-violent and peace loving by their traits. These two horoscopes cannot tolerate any discord or problem in their lives and they both prefer and enjoy a peaceful life. The reason for good Cancer and Libra compatibility is that both of these horoscopes have the quality of understanding each other very well as understanding is very important in every relationship. The balanced, open minded, rational and practical Libra traits in a woman can easily impress a man with Cancer traits and can attract him towards her.

Libra and Leo

Leo and Libra compatibility is high in order of their mostly similar traits. A person with Leo horoscope loves to enjoy partying and have good times with people which are common with the person with Libra horoscope. They both love to socialize. But, as per the Leo traits he may sometimes get too furious and arrogant which is not acceptable by a person with Libra traits but a person with Libra horoscope can pursue the other very well. The compatibility between these two horoscopes is good and demanding which is fulfilled by the traits of both of them.

Libra and Virgo

These two horoscopes will never get along with each other for a good compatibility as both of them do not match each other as per their traits. A person with the Virgo horoscope will think that a person with the Libra traits is proud and high headed. In the same way, a person with Libra horoscope will feel that the one with Virgo traits is too arrogant and stubborn. Thus, Virgo and Libra compatibility is not good at all.

Libra and Libra

Anyone with a Libra horoscope shows good compatibility with the one sharing the same horoscope as there will rarely be any controversies between these two. The main and the only reason behind this is that both of them have similar Libra traits which make them vulnerable to any sort of tension. Their traits make them suppress their anger for the moment. In a way it is good as it never creates a critical situation and to the other way it is dangerous as they collect these incidents into their minds and bring them out all at once whenever they are into conflicts. Although a mutual understanding will solve such problems. This is a give and take relationship which shows a very good Libra and Libra Compatibility.

Libra and Scorpio

A person with Scorpio horoscope and another with Libra horoscope are not having similarities in their traits. The Scorpio and Libra compatibility is not good. The main issue in their compatibility is that Scorpio traits make a person strongly revengeful and jealous whereas the Libra traits make a man bit outrageous and independent that least cares to solve the baseless problems of a person with Scorpio traits. They both can not give a pat to a better compatibility as their traits do not compliment each other.

Libra and Sagittarius

A person with Libra horoscope and the next with Sagittarius horoscope can go for lifetime friendship and love match too. Both of them love to talk a lot thus a good companionship is shown. A person with Libra traits never takes anything by heart and this is a good sign as a person with Sagittarius traits is uncontrolled with his or her words. Overall, Sagittarius and Libra compatibility is excellent match because of their correlated traits. The compatibility between these two horoscopes enables them to be great travelling partners too.

Libra and Capricorn

Capricorn and Libra Compatibility is not as good as it looks. Both of these horoscopes do have a single similar thing in their list of traits and that is the good patience level. A person with Libra horoscope emphasizes a lot on romance and also to socialization but just the opposite of this, a person with Capricorn horoscope will never give priority to this more that his profession. This creates a tension and thus, their compatibility between a person with Libra traits and Capricorn traits is next to impossible.

Libra and Aquarius

These two horoscopes can make good compatibility as good friends and as lovers too. A person with Aquarius horoscopes will usually be the one who leads in the relationship as he has such traits which makes him the lead. The main reason Aquarius and Libra compatibility is that a person with Libra horoscope is submissive in front of the decisions of the person with Aquarius horoscope and both have remarkable ability to speak up their mind which enables them to be good in communication. Aquarius traits in a person will be a matter of mental satisfaction for the person with Libra traits. The main issue in their compatibility is the lack of initialization in commitment from Aquarius horoscope towards Libra horoscope.

Libra and Pisces

A person with Libra horoscope and another with Pisces horoscope have many similarities in their traits. Their likes and dislikes match as the traits of Libra are complementary to that of Pisces traits. These two horoscopes can give each other the real feelings of love and concern which both of them expect from their partners. The compatibility between both of them will be very strong and blessed with the touch of understandings when we are talking about a short term relationship. But, the Pisces and Libra compatibility for a long term is just not at all fruitful. A person with Pisces traits needs a partner with a stronger personality that can control and help in decisions. A person with the Libra horoscope gels well with Pisces horoscopes. However, long term compatibility is not acceptable with these horoscopes.

Libra Star Stone: The gemstone Sapphire is your star stone. A quartz family gemstone, Sapphire has miraculous qualities of bringing good luck and also has extraordinary healing powers. With the power of Sapphire you feel great and remain healthy throughout your life.

Libra Color: Rose Pink is your star color. This color is a synonym of peace of mind, balance of character and good relations with others. Your star color Pink also helps you build relationships and reduces friction in the relationships.

Libra Ruling Planet: Epitome of beauty, planet Venus is the ruling planet of Libra. Venus rules both the zodiac signs, the Libra and Taurus. As per ancient mythology, Venus named after the Goddess of love and beauty, is the source of harmony among relationships. Such a planetary influence makes you to be constantly on the look for happiness and good company. This planet makes your personality charming besides imparting bodily and beautiful character to you. Following the planetary influence you love music and want to remain cheerful always.
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