Your Number is 5:
Delicate and humble nature is all you posses with an endless quest of knowledge. As per Indian Numerology your brain demands a strong reason behind every action which makes your brain a pool of questions. Because you lay stress on reasoning, you restrict long term planning. NumerologyHoroscope says that the reason you are different from others is because you can identify one's deep intentions making you instinctive. As per Numerology Predictions, multitasking and quick response is in your blood thus you inherit all habits that makes you adroit.

Numerology Horoscope opines that you are skillful and hold inborn quest for knowledge which will make you earn good amount of money. As per the Number Predictions, the job will pay good and the credit goes to your potential. You love to splurge which makes you bad at savings. NumerologyHoroscope suggests that the best part about your nature is that even a heavy loss cannot move your rock like peace of mind, thus you can come over big shocks easily.

According to the Number Predictions you are like raw clay which needs an experienced potter which can mould you in a wonderful shape. Thus according to Numerology Horoscope, a proper path based on rules and regulations can take you to great heights. Government and public sector is filled up with great opportunities for you along with good options of legal professions, publishing, electronics, telecoms industry and banking.

Love and Relationship:
Love flows in your blood and you can fall for someone very easily making you romantic by nature. But that goes for cautious decision when it comes to marriage as your emotional aspect might bowl you over. Indian Numerology says that your married life will have hiccups as you might not properly gel with your spouse leading to little fights which sometimes might take a serious shape. Number Predictions suggests that erotic nature is a part of your sexual life making you sensuous and involved in physical pleasures.

As per Indian Numerology, kidney and gastric problem never leave you alone sometimes accompanied with poor sleep, skin problems, cough and problem in nervous system, flu. Numerology Predictions suggest that you sometimes even suffer from nervous breakdown when overburdened with work. All sort of fruit juices are suggested to you if you want commendable change in your health.

Birth # 5:
Element: Air (Thinking & Intellect)
Ruling planet: Mercury
Favorable Day: Wednesday
Gem stone: Emerald
Colours: Light mixed colors

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