Your Number is 4:
People who are born with birth number 4, in numerology, are very strongly built and have a very realistic outlook of life. He or she has a broad mind and may undergo swift changes and a couple of ups and downs. This could cause you to have troubles in making decisions and this uncertainty will not yield the best decisions so you rely on the help of other people. Unluckily, you will rely so much on what other people recommends or suggests that you will work your life according to what others say for the rest of your life.

Numerology predictions for people with birth number 4 dictates that they care least about accumulating wealth. They are not the type who are most concerned about worldly matters. Should they be able to acquire money or wealth, they will spend it in ways that will surprise people. They are keen to face many challenges in their lives but on top of it all, they will be able to gain success and get the recognition that is due of their effort and determination.

People born with this number favor specialization and are very keen to details and perfection. They are often associated with business, philosophy, science, politics, management and others. One could expect that there would be a lot of struggle throughout his or her life and thus would experience many changes but success is attainable and recognitions would also come in the later part of his or her life through determination and countless efforts. Indian numerology suggests that these people will have a career in politics with their spouses eager to support them. They are likely to have successful businesses as well.

Love and Relationship:
These people are not romantic if based on their numerology horoscope. Most family members are not that supportive and so they often have differences with their spouses and have a troubled marriage. But these people know exactly what they want for a wife or husband and so they would be eager to find one that will suit the job.

Number predictions suggest that people with birth number 4 are going to have diseases which are very hard to cure and so it would be important for them to take better care of their health. The horoscope suggests drinking carrot and beet juice to take extra care of their health.

Birth # 4:
Element: Air (Thinking & Intellect)
Ruling planet: Rahu
Favorable Day: Sunday
Gem stone: Hessonite
Colours: Electric tones of shades

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