Your Number is 9:
You are a very confident and fortunate person. You like to undertake risky ventures. You will have a powerful and dominating personality. You will attain a high position in your life. You will be very adventurous and broad-minded. You cannot lead a simple type of life and are always on move, either for business or for personal reasons. Rest is not written in your destiny.

You will have sufficient Money all your life. You may be unsettled in the early parts of your life and may have to struggler hard, but you will succeed after the 27th year of your life or after your marriage, whichever is earlier.

You always want to reach to the top position. You get so used to challenges that you like your life to be full of struggle. The professions suitable for this number are industry, garments, metals, scientific and technical equipment, interior decoration, telecom, defense, agriculture and transport.

Love and Relationship:
You are attracted towards the members of opposite sex. You should try to avoid having illicit relationship. You are a very sensitive and moody person .You may have conflicts and family discord in your life.

You may suffer from fevers of all kinds, measles chicken pox and bone disorders and stomach disorders. You may have to undergo some sort of operation. You should avoid alcohol. Having onions, garlic, radish, and ginger will be helpful to you.

Birth # 9:
Element: Fire (Intuition, Spirit, Energy)
Ruling planet: Mars
Favorable Day: Tuesday
Gem stone: Red coral
Colours: Red, rose & Crimson Family

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