Your Number is 1:
You have clear ideas of how something should be done or how things will be in future and to some extent careless to the possible bad consequences of your actions. People get inspiration to join you in your search but they fail to perceive what is perceived by you. People around you need your constant guidance, motivation. They must be encouraged by you to put them in activity.

Person with lucky number 1 have to face the harsh realities and hard challenges and have to fight the consequences since the generosity is hard to pursue. To be generous and lacking personal passion may increase your difficulties. You must keep in view that by avoiding the natural humanitarian inclination, little exuberance and happiness may be achieved.

There are two options before you. As you have leadership guts, you can either reached to the position of Head of Depatment or can initiate your own company. Government and semi-government jobs, judiciary, politics medical and jewellaries are the best and suitable fields for you.

Love and Relationship:
You are too much romantic and a kindhearted and open-hearted lover. Your love relations are highly celebrated with the characteristics of your concentrated attention and surprise gifts. You listen with concentration and comprehend the things earlier. You are the best soothing source for people in crises as you are a benevolent fellow. You have desire for independence but you must demarcate a line between romance and your independence.

You are blessed with good health condition but your reckless attitude can bring diseases like high blood pressure and eye diseases.

Birth # 1:
Element: Fire (energy)
Ruling planet: Sun
Favorable Day: Sunday
Gem stone: Ruby
Colours: Yellow, Orange Family

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