Your Number is 7:
You will generally be of a good height and have a whitish complexion. You will have a very determined will power. You are usually over sensitive and get wounded in your feelings very easily. You cannot tolerate even the smallest sufferings. You do not listen to others and deny their opinion. You do everything as per your wish. You possess a peculiar power through which people are usually attracted towards you. You have a very decent look.

You possess a very good memory. You are very honest and faithful. You are an expert in the art of communication. Though you have a very good knowledge, you may sometimes not be able to use it in your works.

This number is favourable for banking, management, import and export, philosophy, teaching, mechanical engineering, power and water supply and editing. If you find the goings in your favour and according to you then you complete even the most difficult jobs very easily. But, if you are tense and worried by anything, you imagine that things are more serious than they actually are.

Love and Relationship:
You are very affectionate towards your family and are always trying for their progress You are a fun, attractive lover (FLIRT!) who looks for the same qualities in a romantic partner. You may be in the relationship for a good time and not a long time. Your partners don't seem to mind; they're having too much fun.

You may suffer from constipation, indigestion and skin diseases. You may also have mental tensions. You will always sweat a lot. Having green leaves like lettuce and cabbages will prove to be helpful. It will help if live nearby greenery.

Birth # 7:
Element: Water (Feelings & Emotions)
Ruling planet: Ketu
Favorable Day: Monday
Gem stone: Cat's eye
Colours: Pastel colors

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