Your Number is 6:
In Indian numerology, those who are born under birth number 6 will have authority and power. They are tall and are of good built and many would find them attractive even at the later years of their live. They are egotists that possess systematic discipline and approach.

Those who are born number 6 in numerology will be wealthy and famous in their lives. Because of their diplomatic skills, awareness and organizational talents they bring off and execute tasks very well. They are ones who are willing to step out of the limelight so they would be able to facilitate and make sure that whatever they would do will be successful.

They are also the type of people who perform jobs, whatever that will be, only after giving it much thought. Their numerology horoscope says that they are the type of people who are very serious about work and they are able to accomplish anything because they are very persistent and determined. Because of this, they are expected to fair well in professions that involve service such as government posts, fashion garments, hotels, interior design, cosmetics, defense and teaching among others.

Love and Relationship:
In love and relationships, the numerology predictions read that they would get involved in a lot of love affairs as they get attracted more on the sexual relationships. Because they are attractive, it is not impossible for them to draw people into liking them and develop romantic and sexual relationships with them. They are ones who lead a social life and they always try to entertain friends and colleagues. They are also the ones who love to take the bold roles in the family.

Based on their horoscope, they are the ones who are likely to have lung problems. They could also have problems and kidney disorders because they are very inclined to eating sweet and spicy foods. Breathing exercises could help them wit the problems on their upper lungs. Eating oily and spicy foods must be avoided and if possible they should be eradicated in their diets. Based on number predictions, they should take good care of their health by drinking juices and taking morning walks.

Birth # 6:
Element: Earth (practical & Methodological)
Ruling planet: Venus
Favorable Day: Friday
Gem stone: Diamond
Colours: All shades of blue

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