Your Number is 3:
People with numerology number 3 are seen sitting proud on the CEO chair guiding and instructing people to get the work done as per his/her wish. As per the Indian Numerology you love to instruct others and certainly cant stand orders from others. Your work is full of perfection as you wont appreciate people's criticism. For you, sky is the limit, growing and progressing is in your genes. As per the Numerology Predictions you wear power and authority without letting those down who gave faith in your potential. The Number Predictions says that rulers and emperors drives your inspiration and high results keeps you working.

Your potential and hard work will bring you prosperity and good financial position. The Numerology Horoscope, the hidden strength will keep you going even in the hard situations with same energy and zeal. The Indian Numerology says that you always set your personal goals and you have it all to achieve them with excellence.

As mentioned earlier, you are not made to slave others, you have the potential to build your own empire. Your hidden potential makes you a strong pillar which can support many creepers and result in a beautiful piece of art. But with all the positive points, you have a loophole of ignoring others opinion and views which might result in some awkward situations. The Numerology Horoscope says that you are good by nature but as you don't try to slip in others point of view, you make enemies at the end of the day. The Numerology Predictions says that you believe in practical approach which makes you more vibrant and energetic. Your efforts will also aim others benefit like the creepers. The best suited occupations include law and judiciary, defence services, travel and tourism, sports, electronic media, petroleum products.

Love and Relationship:
The Indian Numerology suggest that eroticism is what you are born with, which makes you romantic. Your partner will be delighted to have you in life. As you tend to be the king or queen in life, same designation will you give to the partner. Your love and affection will make your partner feel special.

The Numerology Horoscope suggests that you need to follow a strict good food habit which include proper timing of meals. This will keep you away from all digestive problems for which you have a tendency. A spicy food with unhealthy amount of oil in food should be strongly avoided. The health issued may sometimes keep you at unrest which may also result in hindered work. In older age you will develop a tendency towards diabetes and heart troubles. TheNumerology Predictions says that having a diet filled with peaches, almonds, apples, grapes and cloves can keep you safe from the above problems.

Birth # 3:
Element: Fire (Intuition, Spirit, Energy)
Ruling planet: Jupiter
Favorable Day: Thursday
Gem stone: Yellow sapphire
Colours: Lilac, purple and Mauve family

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