Your Number is 2:
Naturally you are a gentleman, noble person. You are visionary, romantic and enthralling. Despite confession of your mistakes and acceptance you commit them repeatedly. Your confidence and determining power needs to be enhanced and more developed. You are an easy prey of depression and tense situation though you are a hopeful person.

You believe in realities and an imaginative planner. If you discipline yourself you can avail money and authority. You must show courage while facing all the barriers of the way. You have guts and can show your talent.

Though you are an attractive person yet you attempt many things twice in your life as you always get breakthrough in your second chance. That's why, you do not succeed in getting the expected profit from your work. You are good in textiles, accountancy, computers,shipping, electronics chemicals etc.

Love and Relationship:
You are a kind of lover who like to be controlled. You are an intense believer of love as you assume it to be a high spiritual relationship.

Blood disorder, digestive organs and stomach problems are big health menace. Ideally you must go for cucumber, melon, cabbages and lettuce, these are considered fruitful for your health. You should avoid overwork.

Birth # 2:
Element: Water (Feeling and emotion)
Ruling planet: Moon
Favorable Day: Monday
Gem stone: Pearl
Colours: White Family, Cream, Green

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