Pearls or moti are ruled by Moon and are worn to strengthen a weak Moon. They are cold gems which symbolize motherly feelings, softness, generosity, charming eyes, steady mind, menses, infants, love, breasts, family life, beauty, watery places and passions, and birth of child.

Moon can give you stress and cause negative effects bringing worry to the mind, gloominess, indecisiveness, lack of mental power that may lead to a troublesome life. It also instigates eye troubles, throat troubles, dysentery, problems of menses in women and mental problems.

Afflictions of moon because of Saturn which can make a person go into depression, inferiority, pessimism and cause distress in married life. And when it is afflicted by mars it may cause strong attraction to opposite sex, aggressive nature, and recklessness giving a bad status.
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Benefits of wearing pearl:By wearing this gem, all the negative vibrations entering into a person due to the evil effects of moon can be nullified. Pearls strengthen the mind, increase memory and have a calming and peaceful effect on the mind, which helps in good sleep. It is beneficial in increasing beauty and facial glow of women and ensures happy marriages.

Pearl along with Rudraksha helps getting rid of pessimism and depression and if it is worn with other stones, it helps in curing ailments like diabetes, insomnia, heart disease, anemia, kidney problems, menstrual disorder, insanity, hypertension, brain tumor, asthma, eye trouble, and pancreatic problems.

Professions which are benefited by wearing this stone of pearl:Pearls are helpful to people who are associated with arts, medicines, medicinal oils, perfumes, milk, oil, beverages, ship building, exports besides more importantly vegetables and flowers are benefited by the gem pearl.

They help one develop creativity in fields like cinema, drama, agriculture, cloth, photo studio, sculpture, painting, writing, aqua culture, geography, research, philosophy, sports, computers, hotels and jewelry.

Pearl is a ‘benevolent’ gem for people related with music composition, law finance, involved in maintaining natural landscapes, swimming, water sports, music, dance, singing and film production, manufacturing stationery, sports items, and make up items.

Procedure for Wearing: A promising day to wear this stone is Monday whereas evening time or when the moon is rising, wearing of pearls will be most favorable.

The smallest finger of the right hand is where it should be adorned and one should not wear a defected pearl as it may cause troubles.

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