Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope: This Zodiac Sign is represented by two fishes. Generosity, care and kindness are the three basic values that make you a perfect man. Following such qualities in you, you tend to be more concerned about the problems of the others rather than setting out to solve your own problems. You do not stick to a single decision and keep changing your stand. This indecisiveness is taxing on you and thus you are not able to lead and thus prefer following people. You also end up choosing bad leaders as well. Your habit of secrecy drives your friends away from you but still you manage to have a good bunch of friends around you. Due to you indecisiveness you are not able to concentrate and thus fail to score good marks at the school.

Pisces Characteristics

A Piscean is a great caring partner and gives his ultimate support to his/her life member. The tender love imparts in you the quality of a best partner and thereby you are able to ward off all tension from your partners mind in seconds. Apart from this, one thing that you should think to improve is your indecisive nature. You should concentrate on things and stick to a decision.

Pisces Compatibility

Pisces and Aries

The Aries and Pisces compatibility is one of the best one as people with Aries horoscope tend to lead as per their basic traits and the people with Pisces horoscope has such traits which never make them feel that they should oppose leadership. This is the main factor that boosts chances of their compatibility. Aries traits of openness and straightforwardness make them get attracted towards the mysterious persona of the Pisces horoscope. They have extremities in their love which is respected by both of these opposite yet made for each other horoscopes enabling a better compatibility.

Pisces and Taurus

Taurus and Pisces compatibility is evergreen and the best one. People with Taurus horoscope have the traits which make them controlling and possessive. And the people with that of Pisces horoscope never show a problem with a possessive partner. Instead they love their partners to be controlling and caring for them. Pisces have the all necessary traits to go smoothly with the Taurus's decisions. They are both romantics at heart, so there is lot of affection to be shared between the two. Pisces like Taurus is dependable and Taurus is glad. Pisces is devoted to a relationship. These two horoscopes signs will make good compatibility as lovers and as friends too.

Pisces and Gemini

Gemini and Pisces compatibility is not very fruitful as people belonging to both of these horoscopes are lost into their respective imaginations. A person with Gemini horoscope and another with Pisces horoscope have traits of good artistic skills and exceptional imagination. They do not have lots of similarities in their lifestyles. Gemini horoscope use logic to solve problems while a Piscean has the quality to follow their intuitive powers. Pisces can get extremely sensitive and emotional over things for a long time and they keep on seeking support, which are not the traits for Gemini. This can create conflicts and the compatibility between both of them will lack love in it.

Pisces and Cancer

When it is about Cancer and Pisces compatibility; it is complicated. The love between these two horoscopes will be stable according to the intensity of feelings they share. Both Cancer and Pisces can get into each other's mind and easily figure out their intentions and emotions as per their horoscope traits. Pisces are not eligible to bind to a despaired mind of a Cancer. Thus, they show less compatibility.

Pisces and Leo

There is no question of any sort of Leo and Pisces Compatibility. Both of these horoscopes are widely different in every aspect of their traits. A person with a Pisces horoscope can get attracted to the royal Leo traits but it will be temporary as their opposite traits will not hold them together for a long period of time. The whole part of compatibility is loaded on the shoulders of a Piscean. The compatibility between these two horoscopes is doubtful as both have opposite traits and the way the two deals with situations. Their positive traits are not enough to cover up their negative traits. This pair shows bad compatibility.

Pisces and Virgo

Virgo and Pisces compatibility has its pros and cons. These two horoscopes are just not made for each other as they easily compensate bad traits of their partner with the goodness of their own. A Piscean is very sentimental and a person with a Virgo horoscope is exactly different. The Virgo is straightforward and short tempered and becomes very angry when a Pisces does any immaturity. Virgo traits are exactly opposite from that of a Pisces traits. So, compatibility is not good.

Pisces and Libra

A Libran and a Piscean have many similarities in their traits. Their likes and dislikes match as the traits of Libra complement Pisces traits. These two horoscopes can give each other the real feelings of love and concern which both of them expect from their partners. The compatibility between both of them will be very strong and blessed with a touch of understandings when we are talking about a short-term relationship. But, Libra and Pisces compatibility for a long term is just not at all fruitful. A person with Pisces traits needs a partner with a stronger personality that can control and help in decisions. Libran gels well with people who have extreme outwardness and those who sound logical. Thus long term compatibility is not acceptable between these horoscopes.

Pisces and Scorpio

A good match and better Scorpio and Pisces compatibility is always seen with these two horoscopes. A person with Scorpio horoscope and another with Pisces horoscope can become best friends or lovers for a lifetime. Scorpions are persons with strong personality. A Piscean looks for in his or her partner to compensate his/her lack of traits. They can prove to have best compatibility with each other. Pisceans are well understood by Scorpions.

Pisces and Sagittarius

A person with Pisces horoscope has no compatibility with persons belonging to Sagittarius horoscope. Their traits differ a lot. Sagittarius people are lively, jovial, fun loving which is totally different from Piscean traits. A Piscean hides what he fears or is tensed about and the one with but the people belonging to Sagittarius sign reveals all. The one belonging to Sagittarius horoscope may even use this trait of revealing the secrets to blackmail the person of Pisces horoscope. Thus this is not a good pair and there is no compatibility between them.

Pisces and Capricorn

A person with a Capricorn horoscope has traits which makes him nick named as a “workaholic” and a person with a Pisces horoscope is too lazy to go to the office even. But the lad with Capricorn traits has a habit to present expensive gifts and stuffs to his or her partner which is widely appreciated by a person with Pisces traits. They can fit to a good Capricorn and Pisces compatibility which can last long only if the person with Capricorn horoscope also satisfies the emotional needs of the a Piscean. Overall, a good compatibility is expected between these two horoscopes. Pisces traits and the Capricorn traits are complementary to each other.

Pisces and Aquarius

Aquarius and Pisces compatibility do not flourish for long as the traits of these two horoscopes differ from each other a lot. A person who belongs to Aquarius horoscope never commits to a relationship and the Pisces horoscope imbibe every possible trait in a person to stay loyal to their partner. Aquarius traits restrict a person from getting diverted by emotional talks of a Piscean. A person with Pisces traits is always in wonderlands and the one with Aquarius traits is a mad scientist. Thus very low level of compatibility is observed between these two signs.

Pisces and Pisces

Pisceans show good level of compatibility with another Piscean. Their similar traits blend with each other very well. Both of them have same needs as both of them have similar traits. According to the Pisces traits, this couple will show intense affection towards each other, provide emotional support, have similar tastes and dislikes too. The Pisces and Pisces compatibility is very good in all aspects, except the fact that they both will be unable to guide each other in decision making. The love between these two horoscopes will not be able to cope up with the real world as they do not have such traits which make them a horoscope with good judgmental abilities. A Pisces can not suggest his or her partner. Thus, for better compatibility they should be brave enough to tackle resistances.

Pisces Star Stone: Moonstone is your star stone. Mostly found in Sri Lanka, moonstone brings love into one’s life. It also helps alleviate problems of the vertebrae, digestive track. It also helps in balancing the emotions. The star stone is available in transparent to translucent forms. Pisceans tend to be more imaginative, sensitive due to the effect of this star stone. The star stone also makes you adopt a selfless, sympathetic attitude towards others.

Pisces Color: Soft Seagreen is your star color. With the effect of this soothing color, you accept the people around you and adapt to the circumstances rather than changing the circumstances. Pisceans also watch patiently to get problems get resolved automatically rather than taking an initiative to solve them. Likewise, you are more concerned about the problems of others rather than concentrating on your own problems.

Pisces Ruling Planet: Neptune is your ruling planet which is also the second of the modern planets. Characteristic effect of this planet is that of expansion. This planet imparts great intuitive capability in you besides making you more prone to self-sacrifice. You also become a dreamer and sometimes a deceiver due to the effect of this planet.
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