Red Coral

Red Coral (Moonga) belongs to Mars (Mangala).It is a hot gem. It is made of skeletal remains of some marine animals. Mars is considered as the signifier of masculinity and energy. Mars is associated with courage, mental and physical effort, technical people, brothers and administrative ability. Mars can signal accidents, rage, warfare, and other forms of violence. It generates acute conditions, burns, blisters, cuts, infections and inflammation. A person blessed by a strong and well placed Mars in his horoscope will have powerful energy and an indomitable will to succeed. He will take his decisions with brain and logic. He will have immovable assets.

Weakness of Mars can bring about great physical as well as mental problems and troubles for the native. He will be anger-prone, fiery, of argumentative nature, devoid of relatives, houses, landed properties, maternal happiness, and conveyances. He will face a lot of calamities; will be mentally tortured all the time. He may suffer from blood diseases, skin allergies, accidents, wounds, migraines, general weakness in body, lack of decision making power, getting angry quickly .He will have a tendency to go against ethics and morality.

Mangalik Dosh or Kuja: This occurs if Mars is in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th House. This condition is believed to be devastating for marriage, causing discomfort, tension, separation, divorce and even untimely death of one spouse. There will be physical violence and sexual abuse. The native will be despised by the society. There will be no job security. He will have differences with family members. He will be sexually unsatisfied, so he may have lots of partners. And because of great anger and laziness, he will make his own life hell.
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Benefits of wearing Red Coral:It blesses the native with strength, courage, good friends, and good houses. It instills material success, removal of complexes and fears and the ability to stand strong in challenging situations. It can prevent eruptions of face and body, cuts, burns, bruises, general diseases of blood, muscular system and bone marrow.

If worn with other gems, it can prevent many types of cancer, kidney and nerve diseases, breathing diseases and any surgical problem.

Professions that are benefited by wearing Red Coral: A priest, teacher, scientist, intellectual, a ruler, a policeman, soldier, or administrator, a businessman, farmer, or banker, a laborer, artisan.

Procedure for Wearing:

Day for wearing: On Tuesday after the morning prayers.
Finger: Index or Ring finger

Caution: If the stone is defective, then it will cause great harm to the wearier. Consult your Astrologer before wearing it.

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