Manik or Ruby is called a hot gem and Lord Sun is its master. Sun means courage, power, authority, boldness, commanding power, ambition, generosity, kindheartedness and dignity. Person who is blessed with the good effects of Sun will act truly like a royal person and will have optimistic thoughts, has good health success rate and good reputation in life. If Sun is under the negative effects of other planets then the persons faces health problems majorly with respect to concentration and problems with eyes. If Sun is badly affected by Rahu, Saturn and Ketu, then the person will never come out from financial troubles and would face unstable professional life, will never get government job and would face many ups and downs in life. An unfavorable Sun creates health problems like heart disease, blood pressure, bilious nature, cardiac problems, and hemorrhage.
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Ruby,3.25 Ratti
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Benefits of wearing Ruby: If the person horoscope suits ruby then he will get help in developing soul force with confidence, courage and optimism in him. Ruby is blessed with good success in the competitive exams like civil services.

Professions which are benefited by wearing this stone of Ruby: Coming to the professions, ruby is suitable for persons who are in politics and in highly positioned government servants. This gem is also suitable for people holding key position in public trusts, diplomats, and spiritualists, people who are into research and inventions and public figures. Ruby stone is very beneficial for engineers, newspaper, foundry and electricity department employees, fire department employees, research, agriculture, astronomy, space research, astrology, sports, writers, metallurgists, doctors, military, mathematics, publishing, printing, chemistry, computers, and business in electricity.

Procedure for Wearing: Ruby must be studded in gold ring or silver ring and should be worn on Sunday morning before 10 am in the ring finger of the right hand. A consultation with an expert astrologer is needed before wearing Ruby in order to get the best benefits of the gem. If Ruby is worn in an inappropriate manner without matching it to the horoscope then it gives negative results.

Ruby should be worn only after consultation with an expert astrologer or it may have negative effects on the person wearing it.

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