Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope: You are synonym of optimism and energy, you love to take adventures and also love to meet people, mix with them. Basically you are an extrovert. You are not drawn away by criticisms and continue to stick to your opinion all above others. Given a choice, you favor and support a person whom you think right even then he may be on the losing side. You take the initiative to start new projects and you have an eye that could easily judge people whether they are good or bad. You always try to be free and independent and want to keep yourself away from all the worries but life doesn’t give you enough chances to nurture such feelings.

Sagittarius Characteristics

A votary of positive attitude, Sagittarius is also full of enthusiasm and energy. It is this liveliness that helps you easily form relationship with other zodiac signs. You look at things in a positive way even if there is gloom and defeat all around. You come to know about things with the help of your wisdom and you foresee what is to come.

Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius and Aries

A real good compatibility can be seen between a man with Aries horoscope and a woman with Sagittarius horoscope. Both of them share common traits like positive outlook, enthusiasm and optimistic approach. Along with a free spirited character, both also share good communication skills which help in building smooth relation. The compatibility will remain strong with their adventure loving traits indicated in there horoscopes. Both will work for keeping this relationship fresh and vibrant which is a blessing for the Aries and Sagittarius compatibility. Moreover, the dominating traits of a person with Aries horoscope will be handled well by a person with Sagittarius horoscope.

Sagittarius and Taurus

Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility goes well on account of many similarities as well as dissimilarities which the Taurus and Sagittarius traits have. The similarities make them perfect match. Where on one side, a woman with Taurus traits is peace loving and a home pet, a man with a Sagittarius traits is fun loving and outgoing. A Taurus horoscope woman has the traits which restrict her from socializing with everyone but a man with Sagittarius horoscope is a big social animal. He likes making new friends. This opposite traits makes the Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility very strong. Also good communication skills of a man with Sagittarius horoscope help him gain attention of a woman of Taurus horoscope.

Sagittarius and Gemini

When it’s about Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility then a person of Sagittarius horoscope and other of Gemini horoscope will be into a very vibrant relationship. These horoscopes are better than any other when it is about compatibility. The Sagittarius traits make a person to be social and has huge friends list and this is admired by a man with Gemini traits. People belonging to these horoscopes are very talkative and share their thoughts perfectly which are prime factors of their traits. Thus, both have good compatibility and their similar traits.

Sagittarius and Cancer

A male with Cancer horoscope is a very simple person who wants to lead a simple life by enjoying even the smallest pleasures of life. His traits indicate that he has a desire of secured relationship with a faithful partner who will love him till his end and who will help him in starting his own family. Cancer traits make him a value oriented person. A Sagittarius trait of a female can comfort him by all means but she is a sort of person who loves freedom. If both of these horoscopes can build good understanding of their negative and positive traits, they develop a very healthy Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility.

Sagittarius and Leo

A person with Sagittarius horoscope can gel up with another Leo horoscope very well. Leo and Sagittarius compatibility is good but they are better as friends. Sagittarius trait attracts a Leo person. The person with Leo horoscope should not be very aggressive and demanding to the person with Sagittarius horoscope and the one with Sagittarius horoscope should have good amount of time to spend with Leo. A good compatibility is possible with these traits.

Sagittarius and Virgo

There are huge differences in the Sagittarius traits and Virgo traits which is the main cause of the distorted Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility. These two horoscopes can however, have short-lived flings and affairs. A person with Virgo horoscope has a good analytical ability and the one with Sagittarius horoscope is very philosophical. The conversation between these two horoscopes can get very interesting although their fights can go endless and nobody will give up. The one with Sagittarius traits hates to be criticized but the one with Virgo horoscope is very blunt sharp with his or her words and bossy too. They can never match up for a good compatibility.

Sagittarius and Libra

A person with Libra horoscope and the next with Sagittarius horoscope can go for lifetime friendship and love match too. Both of them love to talk a lot thus a good companionship is shown. A person with Libra traits never takes anything by heart and this is a good sign while a Sagittarius is cannot control his or her words. Overall, Libra and Sagittarius compatibility is an excellent match because of their correlated traits. The compatibility between these two horoscopes enables them to be great travelling partners too.

Sagittarius and Scorpio

The Scorpio and Sagittarius compatibility can not be very fruitful as both of them have different traits which do not go well at any cost. A person with the Scorpio horoscope wants quality time from his or her partner which is never returned by a person with Sagittarius horoscope wants to party and spend time with friends as well. Scorpio traits can make a person be too possessive and jealous from time to time which is never acceptable for a person with Sagittarius traits. Thus, compatibility between these two horoscopes is not for a long term relationship.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius

A person with Sagittarius horoscope will never get bored with the person sharing the same horoscope. They both are fun loving people. The Sagittarius traits enable a person to be very talkative and joke cracker too, but, seriousness is also reflected. The similarities between their traits will keep them together only in good times and in bad times both of them will be unable to help each other as helping anyone is not the task for which a person with Sagittarius horoscope is made for. Thus, a Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility is not wonderful.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

A person with Sagittarius horoscope and another with Capricorn horoscope don't share enough similarities in their traits to maintain a good Capricorn and Sagittarius compatibility. Sagittarius traits reflect an optimist outlook and hate abiding with rules whereas just to the opposite of this a person with Capricorn traits reflect a realist outlook and prefers following rules and regulations. A person with such introvert Capricorn traits will hesitate to try adventurous things which would bore a person with Sagittarius horoscope. Thus, the compatibility between these two horoscopes is not very promising.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

The Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility is very flourishing but more like friends. Both of these horoscopes practice independency as this reflects from their traits and this may lead them to stay away from each other, but, when they meet each other they leave no stone unturned to display their love and care for each other. The Aquarius traits makes a person to be very comfortable with the person with Sagittarius traits as both of them love to share peace of mind and also both of these horoscopes love to get social. They both can show good compatibility as lovers if they do not neglect each other's necessities and avoid selfishness.

Sagittarius and Pisces

A person with Pisces horoscope has no compatibility with a person with Sagittarius horoscope. Their traits differ a lot. Sagittarius traits are lively, jovial, fun loving which is totally opposite of the Pisces traits. A person with Pisces horoscope hides everything and the one with Sagittarius horoscope reveals. Sagittarius traits which reflect straightforwardness and revealing nature may even use to blackmail the person with Pisces horoscope. Thus, this is not a good pair and there is no compatibility between them.

Sagittarius Star Stone: Your starstone is the TOPAZ which is a common gemstone that has been used for ages in jewelry. Golden brown to yellow in color, your star stone is the source of leadership qualities in you and empowers you to effectively handle any situation in life with determination. Every situation seems to be in your total control and you are able to overcome problems in life with ease. Topaz is also believed to be the source of foresight and also makes you sexually active besides making you more comfortable with people.

Sagittarius Color: Purple is the color that is ruled by Sagittarius. This color is the symbol of spiritual experiences. The color purple creates in you intuitive powers that makes you see things in advance. You are spiritually inclined and feel that you should explore spirituality. You think a lot, meditate and try to know more about the soul.

Sagittarius Ruling Planet: Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is the ruling planet of Sagittarius. Jupiter is also the God of all signs and is the protector. This planet also gives you kingly characters as it itself is the king of all zodiac signs. The planet following its gravity keeps safe all the other planets and zodiacs from the comets and asteroids in the space. Similarly, you have the same characteristic to save people and help them in suffering.
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