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Shani Dosha is basically the ill effect of Saturn that a person has to face due to the transit of Saturn in specific positions from the moon. There are 2 kinds of Shani Dosha.
1.Sade sati
2.Shani ki Dhaiya

Sade Sati: When transit Saturn is placed in the zodiac sign, that is 12th 1st and 2nd from the house in which planet Moon is located at the time of your birth is known as Shani Ki Sade Sati. Sade Sati means seven and a half years. The Planet Saturn takes 2 ½ yrs to move from one Zodiac sign to another. So in order to cross three signs, it takes 7 ½ yrs knows as Sade sati. Complete 7 ½ yrs are not unlucky. The favorableness and unfavorableness of the period depends on Saturn relationships with the ruler of the house and the planet that it is aspecting. Head and tail are 2 sides of the same coin. If we flip coin 10 times, we can not get head all the times nor the vice versa can happen. Similarly, all these 71/2 yrs cannot be just difficulties, problems and tensions. There is lot of factors in these 71/2 yrs other than shani dosha that affects our life. Do not get scared because of this as everyone in their life generally has to go through atleast 2 sade sati’s .

With troubles, the period of Sade sati does not deny success. There are examples of many people who have experiences glory, fortunes and success in their periods of Sade sati. For eg. Indra gandi became a cabinet minister during her Shani Dosha. Similarly even Amitabh Bachhan was going through his best time in the film industry when he was under his Sade sati. It is very unfortunate that some Pandits have just put Sade sati in negative terms, and have ignored the success it has got to people. Just register to get your Free Sani dosha chart!!!! We tell you the specific periods that will come under your sade sati. The free chart do not just provide you with the next sade sati details. It also tells you about all sade satis that a person would have or will undergo in his/her life.

Shani ki Dhaiya: When transit Saturn is at 4th or 8th position from the moon sign at the time of your birth, then it is known as Shani ki Dhaiya. Saturn remains in one sign and in one house for 2 ½ yrs and hence the period is known as Dhaiya. 4th house is related to happiness, home, mother, land and property etc and our 8th house is related to health, longevity, legacy and in laws.

Remedies of "Sade-Sati" 

There are various remedies available for Sade Sati.
1.You can wear an iron ring which is made of horse shoe or from the nail of boat of a lake or a river.
2.Even the wearing of Gemstones like Blue sapphire or Neelam can minimize the ill effects of Shani dosha.
3.Another very effective remedy for sade sati is to daily recite the hanuman Chalisa or the Dasaratha Shani stotra.

However the Remedies of Sade sati should be used only after consultation by the Astrologer. Wish to know about your Shani dosha and the effective remedies for it, get your Free sani dosha chart now!!!!!

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