Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope: Virgos have inborn qualities of creativity, delicacy and intelligence. In whatever you do you try to do it with creativity and handle things in the most delicate way with intelligence. You are a strong supporter of orderliness; you wait for things to take shape. As a close observer, you have the power of judging things in their entirety. You are able to tell about things as to what shape that will take. People often assume that you are a person who lacks emotions, but you have a delicate heart which is sensitive to emotions. Your personality has charm and gravity that attracts people towards you but still you do not have many friends do you know why? It is because you fail to express your feelings too often. Being a Virgo, you are not able to lead and prefer following people.

Virgo Characteristics

Virgos are extremely practical towards life and emotions have little place in it apparently. You think hard and you have strong stability of character. You have the ability to control your feelings and you can put a check on your emotions as well. Outburst of feelings is a rare phenomenon in virgos. You enjoy company of people who assure you security and promise to be with you for a long time. People strongly appreciate your way of approaching things and this is the reason why people are eager to develop relationship with you.

Virgo Compatibility

Virgo and Aries

A person with Virgo horoscope is distinct from other horoscopes, it is full of stability and wise approach, whereas an Aries has the traits known for his fierce thoughts and aggressive approach. Aries and Virgo compatibility is a hit because a man with Aries traits will get attracted towards a woman with Virgo traits for her shy and caring nature. On the other hand, Aries man with aggressive and possessive nature will attract a woman with Virgo traits as well as per their horoscopes. She will find a sense of security and safety with him. So, a better compatibility is expected.

Virgo and Taurus

They have very good compatibility as both Taurus horoscope and Virgo horoscope have a practical outlook towards life. Both of these horoscopes believe living in the present and do not care about the past. They both are Earth signs that also add to the level of Taurus and Virgo compatibility. A person with Taurus horoscope supports the one with Virgo horoscope with sound decisions that a person with Virgo traits needs as they are not good in decision making. The organized Virgo traits, alertness and communication skills attract a person with Taurus traits.

Virgo and Gemini

There is no sign of good compatibility between a person with Virgo horoscope and another with Gemini horoscope. Virgo traits in a person make him or her very practical and he or she starts taking responsibility whereas a person with Gemini traits is impulsive with a head in the clouds. A person with Virgo horoscope will keep on criticizing a person with Gemini horoscope which is intolerable for the one with Gemini horoscope. They do not have the necessary traits to show good Gemini and Virgo compatibility.

Virgo and Cancer

A woman with Cancer horoscope is very patient and quiet as per the Cancer traits which act as a defensive shield against the fussy and irrational Virgo traits of a man with the Virgo horoscope. Both of these horoscopes like to be loved and pampered and also they both are very affectionate to provide the love to each other. They both learn from each other many qualities by staying together which helps them in becoming a good human. They like to know from their partner many things which is an advantage to their compatibility. On one hand a woman with Cancer horoscope teaches a man with Virgo horoscope how to be expressive, on the other hand male with Virgo traits can easily teach a woman with the Cancer traits, how to be brave in life and mentally stronger. Thus, Cancer and Virgo compatibility is sustainable.

Virgo and Leo

The relationship between a person with Leo horoscope and another with Virgo horoscope is strong except in the fields of business and professions. The Leo and Virgo compatibility is not sound when it is about love and marriage. The Leo traits make a person very egoistic and that is the same with the Virgo traits too. Although, the one with Virgo horoscope is very good at impressing a mate with Leo horoscope as the traits of a Virgo to make the partner feel special is quite loved by the person with Leo traits. The compatibility between these two horoscopes is not good as Virgo will never support the other one in bad times.

Virgo and Virgo

A person with Virgo horoscope shows the best compatibility with a person of the same horoscope. The reason behind this is that both of them have similar Virgo traits and they can sustain with each other as both of them will be very helpful to each other when in bad times. These two horoscopes will be able to understand each other very well and can be very good soul mates too due to their good level of understandings and love. Thus, a Virgo and Virgo Compatibility is the best.

Virgo and Libra

These two horoscopes will never get along with each other for a good compatibility as both of them do not match each other as per their traits. A person with Virgo horoscope will think that a person with Libra traits is proud and high headed. In the same way, a person with Libra horoscope will feel that the one with Virgo traits is too arrogant and stubborn. Thus, Libra and Virgo compatibility is not good at all.

Virgo and Scorpio

People with these horoscopes are loving couple as they want similar things in life as per their traits. Scorpio and Virgo compatibility is questioning as they take themselves seriously and they both are very curious about almost everything. A person with Scorpio horoscope and another with Virgo horoscope can make together as long term friends also. But if their relationship meets rocks then the person with Scorpio traits will become revengeful which is in his or her list of traits and the one with Virgo traits will forget the past and never look back as reflected by their traits. Thus, they should be very cautious to before getting together. But, altogether it’s a weak compatibility as shown by their traits.

Virgo and Sagittarius

There is a huge difference in the Sagittarius traits and Virgo traits which is the main cause of the distorted Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility. These two horoscopes can however, have short-lived flings and affairs. A person with Virgo horoscope has a good analytical ability and the one with Sagittarius horoscope is very philosophical. The conversation between these two horoscopes can get very interesting although their fights can go endless and no body will give up. The one with Sagittarius traits hates to be criticized but the one with Virgo horoscope is very blunt sharp with his or her words and bossy too. They can never match up for a good compatibility.

Virgo and Capricorn

Capricorn and Virgo compatibility is good as both of them are earth signs. Both of these horoscopes like the fact that the other one has all possible traits to be called as hardworking and reliable. A person with Virgo horoscope as well as Capricorn horoscope is very less emotionally indulged in a relationship. So, it works out to be a smooth relationship since the two sometimes need time to be alone. Virgo traits are very complimenting for a person with Capricorn traits. Thus, they show a very good compatibility.

Virgo and Aquarius

A person with Virgo horoscope is always too shy to acquaint with new people whereas the one with Aquarius horoscope is ready to get into with new friend groups always. This creates a conflict between these two horoscopes as their traits are completely different. The Aquarius traits will match up with the Virgo traits only in a way that both of them are chatter boxes as this is only one similar trait of the all uneven traits. Thus, Aquarius and Virgo compatibility will never be successful as lovers but will go well as friends only.

Virgo and Pisces

Pisces and Virgo compatibility is having pros and cons. These two horoscopes are just not made for each other as they easily fulfil the bad traits of their partner with the goodness of their own traits. A person with a Pisces horoscope is very sentimental and a person with Virgo horoscope is exactly different. A person with Virgo traits is straightforward and short tempered and feels very angry when a partner with Pisces traits does any immaturity. Virgo traits are exactly opposite from that of a Pisces traits. So, compatibility is not good.

Virgo Star Stone: The quartz SARDONYX with shades of red is your star stone. Found in large quantities in Brazil and India, your star stone strengthens your will power and makes your personality charismatic.

Virgo Color: Your star color is Orange which has strong curative and revitalizing properties. The Virgo sign color ensures well-being and is a natural healer. Especially it helps heal ward off your emotional problems that pinch you now and then.

Virgo Ruling Planet: Mercury rules Virgo just as it rules Gemini. Just like the winged messenger God Mercury who used all the available resources to get things right, you deal with things systematically, put them in one place in an orderly fashion and then patiently figure out the solution. Following the effects of your ruling planet you follow the sentiments of the age in which you live and often restlessness grips you and this is the reason why you cannot sit idle. Driven by the powers of Mercury, you communicate well with others and have good intellect.
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