Yellow Sapphire

Jupiter is an auspicious planet and beneficial events take place when this planet is present in your birth chart. It acts as a protector in the areas of life that it governs and helps attain wealth, success, honor, fortune, glory and praise.

Jupiter blesses people with children and prosperity and has a positive influence on matters of law, religion, bank, and companies. It helps in long journeys, air travels, inheritance, pilgrimage, and fame. Jupiter being the greater benefic ensures gains in business, and also in political power.

Some negative effects of Jupiter include denial of birth of a son. It can also function as a malefic entity, creating problems by making one weak, extremist, lavish, extravagant and careless. When the planet is debilitated, it causes disputes, disagreement and loss.

Besides, Jupiter is also the signification of diseases like jaundice, liver complaints, hernia, obesity, sleeping sickness and piles, diarrhea, impotency, gastritis, ulcer, heart problems, rheumatism, gout, arthritis etc.

Moreover, Jupiter rules over kidney, thigh, flesh, arterial system, and blood, feet, fat, liver and right ear.

The gemstone related to Jupiter is the yellow sapphire which helps to tackle and ward off diseases like ulcer rheumatism, gastric problems, jaundice, asthma, arthritis, gout and impotency.

Yellow sapphire and red coral helps ladies by removing delays in their way of marriage. The wearer of yellow sapphire may gain success in higher studies, while a blend of yellow sapphire with other stones helps achieve success in competitive exams and in health related problems.

This gemstone is particularly good for those involved in promotion, trade and business and it also helps improve one’s eyesight and is supposed to reduce tribulations and protect a person from mishaps.

The wearer of yellow sapphire will be successful in defying problems conferred by Venus, if under the effects of dasha of Venus as it is a lucky stone. It bestows on its wearer the verve to counter the effects caused in dasha of Jupiter when one also worships Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.
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Yellow Sapphire,3.25 Ratti
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Professions that are benefited by wearing Yellow Sapphire: Yellow Sapphire renders immense benefits to professionals especially legal experts, professors, spiritualists, soldiers in army, people in public service and public welfare, gemologists, architects, scientists, administering schools and colleges, computers and envoys to foreign countries.

Procedure for Wearing:

Day for wearing: Thursday is an auspicious day for wearing yellow sapphire.
Time for wearing:The best time is Pushya Nakshatra or Shukla Paksha in the Jupiter.
Finger: It is favorable to wear this gemstone in the index finger .

Caution: One should avoid wearing a defected piece of this stone and should consult an expert astrologer before using the Yellow Sapphire stone.

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